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Does anyone have aproblem when on a call the person I called cant hear me as if teh mute button has been accidently turned on.


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    I havn't faced such an issue on my Nokia 7.2. That said, maybe your screen isn't turning off and you're getting some taps registered by your ear.

    Do you see the "Mute" enabled on the in-call screen? If not, it should be more related to your network provider than the phone.

    This can also happen when phone tries to switch between networks, which is mostly seen when you're on a 4G network and your operator + the phone do not support VoLTE. In the absence of VoLTE, the phone needs to downgrade to a 3G/2G connection to transmit voice packets as 4G does not support voice. This change in network can sometimes cause the voice from either end to not get transmitted.

    I used to face such a thing on my Nokia 7 (not the 7.2) when Idea did not have VoLTE and their 3G network was weak.

  • Yes, I have faced this issue

  • The sensor is not working good and enables the screen while you talk. Then you press the mute button with the ear. My fix is to press the menu button and lock the screen with the power button when in a call so i cant press the mute button with my ear every time....

  • Is there any fix or setting issued by nokia

  • Same here, I am also facing this issue. This is due to wrong arrangement of mute button.

  • I have this problem on a Nokia X20, and I think there is an easy fix:

    The problem is that if you move the phone away from your ear, the touchscreen gets enabled. Then when you move the phone back closer, your cheek hits the Mute button. By simply moving the Mute button down to near the bottom of the screen, the problem would go away.

  • Hi, anyone having a fix for it? I have a Nokia X10 recently purchased & fully up to date -- the mute button is still exactly where my ear is during calling. During every call I make the phone accidentally goes on mute. My customers always become angry. I assume the code needs to be changed by HMD. Seems per this thread HMD didn't do anything about this extremely annoying issue.

  • Call can 1235 number okkkkk

  • Me too facing this issue for a while and thinking that my ear must be accidentally touching, while it's not. It's a bug. Because I tried locking the screen after starting the call to check that it would require password before making any accidental action

    By this method I confirmed that it's a bug

  • Same issue here. They can't hear me and I can't hear them. I tried speaker phone and that didn't work. Got in my car with Bluetooth connection, that didn't work. Then I tried my headset. Nothing worked. I tried calling on Instagram. I could hear them. But they still couldn't hear me. I haven't tried Whatsapp yet.

  • I ran into this bug today. Tried with wired headset, Bluetooth headset and speaker; no voice heard in either direction. Tried rebooting phone to see if that would fix it but no. Was working fine last week.

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    I have sometimes the same problem. I can't hear anybody and nobody can hear me. Same with speaker and bluetooth. Don't just restart the phone. Instead, turn it completely off and after a moment turn it back on. Works for me.