[Moved] Where is Nokia? Why so much delay to announce phones?

As a Nokia fan we expect that Nokia should be on top and should do well in all aspects of market.

[Moved] Where is Nokia? Why so much delay to announce phones?

Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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As a Nokia fan we expect that Nokia should be on top and should do well in all aspects of market. Unfortunately MWC2020 got cancelled so many brands got affected and took step back from event. Nokia always do marketing on Pure android, Finnish design, Security updates and Brand trust. It's okay, but in past year it has not did anything well. First we got little buggy android 10 updates and we are waiting from last 45 days (few waiting since 2-3 months) to get it fixed. No updates or word from company to fixing it. Even the phones which got attention of ANDROID 10 ready phones tags are still waiting for update. We will be happy if you give updates of status of issues or fixes but at least do communicate with us. Just tweet officially that by this or specific date we will get update/fix etc. Everyone thought Nokia 8.2 will be the first 5G phone in India. But what we are seeing, Realme already Launched its new phone and tagged as first ever 5G phone in india. I know there is no any 5G network yet in India as well as many parts of world but still. Also Samsung is in top gear and launching phones after phone, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy M31, Galaxy S20 series, and more.


Other brands too got affected, but somehow, they managed to adjust their events at some other part of world and launched phones with bang. Every brand is launching their phones, creating buzz in market and we are sleeping peacefully....

And because of all this people don't look forward to buy Nokia phones. If there is no any new phones from some brand then how can people see and talk about.

Please wake up and do something.......



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Yeah the year 2019 was a downtrend. But the responsible year for it was the year 2018 where they launched phones with faulty hardware and poorly optimized software. They were probably feeling that it is too easy to sell phones. Just make anything, place the Nokia logo and send it to the market. The company spent negligible resources on quality control and endurance/durability tests. They also failed to pay any attention on the software as if it does not even matter.

    The year 2019 was full of transitions where they built their own supply chain, brought customer support slowly in-house and did other structural changes. But it was a bad year in terms of sales and new models. That said, most older models were improved with new software updates and MR updates. The 351F March 2019 patch made me believe that HMD was getting a little serious about improving the software experiences on its phones.

    I was hoping for the year 2020, but the situation doesn't appear bright at all. The new launches are missing. The software updates are missing. And the phones which were somehow updated are facing issues which aren't fixed in months. The Nokia 8.1 last received a MR in October with Android 10. Since then, 4 months have passed and no maintenance to fix those Android 10 bugs. Similar stories for the 7.1, 6.1, 7 Plus and 6.1 Plus.

    India today is Nokia's biggest market. Since they already stopped their operations in China and none of the 2019 smartphones (except Nokia 9) made their way to China. And yet, instead of seeing some exclusive experiences for India (like other brands), we see nothing at all. HMD is silent about launching its new products. And nobody knows why. I understand the MWC and coronavirus issues, but that's for all, not unique to HMD. If they continue to delay their new products, they will once again be "outdated" when they will arrive. Because, I'm sure HMD cannot immediately start retailing their phones as soon as they announce it. They will take months to develop a good global supply of the new phone(s).

    Yeah unless they make good phones and bring them to the market, there's no hope.

    Sitting in the offices and waiting for right time will never help. The right time does not come by itself.

    Edit: I wanna add that delays are acceptable, but silence is not. They could have just spent a few more words to let the fans know when they will be able to announce their phones. And also when they will start the rollout of software updates, when we can expect bug fixes etc. All we need is a better communication. And if they do not have a concrete roadmap even for themselves, then god save HMD.

  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    @singhnsk Exactly. At least there should be some communication between company and users/fans we need.

    Also Nokia/HMD need to work a lot on ground to get back that trust and all this will be possible only when they will deliver products and service on time with best efforts.

  • So long since HMD Announce any Nokia device. There are no leaks or any other announcement of future devices. It is getting very frustrated and they probably gonna lose more loyal fans like me

  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Finally tweet from Juho about launch event in London on 19 march.

    1.3, 5.3 and 8.3 with one feature phone from Nokia original series expected to be launch at London event.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Good that they finally revealed. After nearly taking a month for no absolute reason.. there comes an event. And there's Xiaomi (and their copy pasta Realmeme) who just decided to get done with their announcemnets via live stream only and be done while being fast and saving some cash.

    I'm still glad that we finally have a date and we don't need to throw stones in an ocean anymore.

  • Where is Nokia 81

  • Ashish Hunkeri Ashish Hunkeri
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    Upgraded version of 8.1 is 8.3 5G which is launched on 19 th march.

  • San.Phu San.Phu
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    I thinks HMD should follow the one plus strategy. Should launch some mobile phones with almost everything in right place hardware and software both side.

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