[Moved]How can Nokia improve and growth

Right now all Nokia smartphone comes with glass sandwich design and feel like premium quality but glasses design have had his issues, like body overheating and by now in india mobile market every smartphone which comes under 15k to 20k have light cool technology.

[Moved]How can Nokia improve and growth

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Right now all Nokia smartphone comes with glass sandwich design and feel like premium quality but glasses design have had his issues, like body overheating and by now in india mobile market every smartphone which comes under 15k to 20k have light cool technology. And it's seem like Nokia gone again form the mobile market, so please see another brand and then launch the device

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    Now HMD global need to Stop his cheap game like building low quality hardware and just like builds defected charging port on our device because they wanted to make more money . Parhap they stopped that cheats trick so then they can make his reputation again in mobile market on us too


  • We know of that stock Android don't need heavy duty SoC but right now people don't care of that because another brand given best SoC under best prices and everyone wants best soc under his budget

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    So u mean to say Snapdragon 660 will perform the same as 730g only because it's stock Android ?

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    I guess when nokia starts using Helios g70 processor can boast the working well. I love pure android that's why I started using nokia. See I am using a 4.2 device now. I am playing games like call of duty and pubg in this. There is a massive heat problem coming with battery drain here because of SoC430 processor cannot effectively support the phone like a 660 or upper grade processor. Using a Helio G series processor in this case can reduce the heating issue massively and also battery last much longer. I want nokia to look into this

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    • as someone mentioned earlier, using cheap and poorly working hardware must stop. Eg. issues with light/brightness sensors (eg. nokia 4.2, 7.1), unacceptable video call quality (nokia 4.2)
    • POCKETABILITY! We need small phones that fit well in jeans pocket. Even my 7.1 is uncomfortable and i wish it were at least 1cm shorter. If needed, make it even 1-2mm thicker.
    • wireless charging - where is this? why only some overpriced phones have it. Used to even low end Nokia Lumias had wireless charging.
    • nice to have would be a non-glass back, something non slippery so that there would not be need for silicone case that makes phone much thicker.
    • Camera lens protection - there should be slightly raised ring around (each) lens so that when putting phone on the table, and there happens to be a piece of sand on it, it wont scratch the lens(es).
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    Availability of Recovery tool and Stock ROM,

    many people including me don't like to go service center for every small issues.

    Flashing Stock ROM, recovering from any bricks are the things I and many like me wants to do it by themselves.

    This is the main reason I'm moving from Nokia to other brand..

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    Buddy its custom ROM already u r in stock ROM and kindly edit it to custom ROM ☺️

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    I think Nokia should greatly improve on their marketing in order to improve and grow, whether it's through social media ads, TV ads, billboards, or celebrity endorsements.

  • Hi. Why don't you think about offering old and popular models with Android? I'm sure people like it.I love model X7-00

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    3 ways Nokia could be the top 3 brand on smartphones industry :

    1. Innovation : Every years each smartphones brand will always try to create something new and that innovation surely will attracted more consumers(not only gadgets experts but also average person) to participates in buying these brand new smart phones but company must take a risk in creating new innovations.

    2. Advertising : Even the new sub brand of Oppo (Realme) have become quite famous in my country Malaysia because of their excellent job in advertising even though it's only just 1 year . Everywhere in the internet (even YouTube) there will be always RealMe phone advertisement and that make the people interested ("what is this phone?" "Why there always a RealMe ad?" Seeing the same thing everywhere will surely peek people interest and no questions if there buying it. Nokia needs to step up their advertising strategy because if not , next generations will never knew that of Nokia existence . Even if the phones is so great with all kinds of specifications , there is no point of it if people don't even know it existed.

    3. Price - 2019 is full of mid-range phones with a high-end specs on them and evdn the prices is unimaginably cheaper than the flagships himself . If Nokia could maintain the same price of Nokia 9 Series as before (or mybe even lower) and that definitely gonna be a game changer for in smartphones industry and that gonna give a wake up slap in the face for top brands smartphones .

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    This is not an easy question to answer, Nokia is primarily into smartphones and phones, this strategy should change to other accessories like xiaomi,LG,sony etc. Now nokia have resources to dig deep in. I want nokia to produce goods for family like smart tv, refrigerator, computers and processors, camera, smartcycles, earphones, smart AC,oven,just like Google does an AI car. I hope all these will be successful because people still believe in the quality of goods nokia produces. It always has been like that.

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    Nokia listen to me!

    - Poor marketing is once, two that people still do not know that threw Nokia 😯

    No advertisements on TV or Radio or promotion with network operators- we are talking about Europe/Poland

    - We do not gimist from the neighbor, that is, create your smartphone body designs and camera ideas, people love novelties and Feature.

    - The frequency of security updates is very good, but with nokia errors do not stick stickers yourself "Made in Microsoft"

    - Make a contest for every country where you sell Nokia phones asking what you want to improve your Nokia

    At the moment, this should be a good start to the the brand of nokia and improving it on the market, I think it's the first of the fundamentals to further success, all good Nokia 👍🥇

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    I think people want bezel less AMOLED, big battery capacity and fast charging, much storage memory and RAM, good SoC, stereo speakers, good camera picture quality in low light. Fast charger. Good price.

    Additional thinks: newest Android, updates, NFC, DualSIM, metal body, high resolution display and more than 60Hz, microSD slot, Wi-Fi 5GHz and ax, water proof, UFS memory, 5G modem, camera OS, wireless charging, jack 3.5mm, FM radio etc.

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    Interesting report for the attention of HMD Global

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  • Ragna Ragna
    how nokia can improve.
    1 for example nokia 9.1 design was very good
    2 can be distinguished only with slightly higher quality materials from which it is made
    a phone should be made that will stand out in its design when someone looks at the phone they want to have it. i'm back again on the nokia 9.1 the fin will have charm with its many cameras and specific design. The disadvantage of this model is the lack of RAM and the Salbi processor. I can imagine such a phone for myself with a similar design only a stronger model for example 6 or 8 GB of RAM
    46 + 12 + 12 + 8 snapcdragon 876 or 888 selfie camera 32 gb or even 2 selfie cameras with 2x12 megapixels nokoja. has remained in people's memories in these few years by the cameras it should be the focus of the company and the design of the phone aluminum frame glass background phone quality costs the company I know all this but I think if we would see such an endeavor from nokia I think in a couple of years I would return better phone manufacturers

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