Nokia 7.2 Charging Slowly

From past few days onward i am facing Charging issues. For full charge it take 6 hours for 100%.

Could you please help on this



  • singhnsk
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    Hi, I'd recommend that you try with a different USB cable. Maybe that fixes your issue.

  • Hi,

    I reached #NokiaService center they simple reset my mobile and gave. I hope they are not understanding my issue any manner and the service center people are not good to solve the issue.

    Still i am facing the same issue. I am asking for charger replacement but no issue.I am facing so many issues wrt battery.


    Sudheer A

  • Pramod Jayathilake
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    Same for me. My device take 4 hours for fully charge after android 10 update. Give me a better solution. I tried with another USB cable, But problem is same.

  • singhnsk
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    My phone is happily charging at the speed as it used to. I'll report back when I'm near the 90% mark :)

  • vidya sagar01
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    I am also facing the slow charging issue after Android 10 update.

  • Charging slowly ??

    It must be charging rapidly.

    When charging try moving cable up and down gently. (I also faced this issue of charging slowly, gently moved the cable and suddenly it changed to Charging rapidly) or try using other cable.

  • exactly same problem for me also, as the above shared images it is charging slowly. took 9 hours for 80% charging.

  • Hi, my nokia 7.2 mobile phone is charging very slowly after android 10 update. Please suggest the exact solution or replace my phone with other nokia phone.

  • From past few days onward i am facing Charging issues. For full charge it take 6 hours for 100%. plz help me

  • From past few days onward i am facing Charging issues. For full charge it take 6 hours for 100%. Could you please help on this

  • Facing charging is taking around 8 hour to full charge....plz resole this issue

  • Bharath KB
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    The steps are use ur phone untill it shutsdown automatically and then turn on the device and check the battery (sometimes it again shows some residual charge i.e.6-8% charge approx.) Use it again untill it shutsdown . Now charge the phone in switched of state for minimum 6 hrs once charging is completed turn on ur device without removing it from the charger (sometimes it shows 98-99% of charge )let it charge fully and then use it as usual again repeat the process for the second time to calibrate the battery once completed check if the issues are rectified .

    Important note: use the charger and the cable provided in the retail box and try this process during night after ur regular works so that the device is not interrupted

    Report again if the problem is rectified or not

  • Hi all,

    I have also faced the slow charging problem and found a solution. just rotate a cable 180 degree so that a metal joint in type c port will face upward direction and then insert it in your phone.

    if you want to connect to a laptop, just rotate the cable and use it

  • I encountered same issue in my Nokia 7.2, i'm done calibrating twice my battery and trying to used other USB cable but still slow charging. Please make a fix of this. it could affect your reviews..thanks..

  • Which Usb cable will be compatible with Nokia 7.2 my phone initially show slow charging then it changes rapidly changing.Does it means my cellphone is going too face the cahgjng port issue just like Nokia 6.1 7.1 and 5.1?

  • Muvi
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    I think there is something in the background preventing charge quickly(I don't know for sure). I use phone while charging, before Android 10 it will charge fast. But after android 10 I see drop in battery percentage (I don't game just casual usage).

    Another observation is that when I use junction box it charges rapidly. While plugged straightly it charges slowly.

  • Muvi
    Muvi ✭✭

    I saw articles based on battery calibration. Most of the articles states that it is hazardous process and may damage battery. Even doing it once will have impact on battery and it is not recommended action.

    I think this issues can be resolved by a OTA update. Before Android 10 it was charging faster. Nokia has better support for software and this issue can be resolved.

  • Bharath KB
    Bharath KB ✭✭✭

    Yes unnecessary calibration may lead a permanent damage to the battery . Sure it is not recommended for a phone that charges normaly or average , it is recommended when the battery charges very slow i.e the ET shows about 6to 7 hrs and it is recommended only when the phone is repeatedly used while its charging which alters the battery log . So to reset it a battery calibration is essential . 👍

  • Bharath KB
    Bharath KB ✭✭✭

    And I went away with this method with my lenovo k3 note device with no other option in my hand and it gave me a positive result that is it reduced my battery charging time before calibration it took 5 to 6 hrs and sometimes even beyond that after calibration if came halfway to 2½ to 3 hrs .and later on touch screen was not responsive at the corners after becoming old without any cracks scratches and i got exchanged with nokia 5.1plus☺️👍 ,so based on this i have posted the calibration method which may usefull (I thought it would be ) but cheers

  • Hi After my Phone upgrade for version 9 to 10 Showing charging slowly instead of rapidly.

    Please give me a solution for this it is taking almost 6+ hrs to full charge.

  • khanmek
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    @Nokia, @HMD Global do you care to resolve the issues or your only concern is selling devices.

    my 7 months old Nokia 7.2 lags from day 1, i have ignored it, but now the issue is much bigger, it takes 7-8 hours with provided charger set. If you dont care to resolve these issues, please let us know, we will throw the devices in the bin.

  • This "use charger and cable that came in the box" is a hoax. It's not like Nokia is using a special kind of quick charging with this phone.

    Anyway, I'm using the proprietary charger and cable and still facing the slow charging issue. It's not a faulty USB port and it's not the cable's fault as I tried other cables with no success.

    What I actually believe is that there's a software bug causing this issue. Here's how I noticed it: I downloaded AccuBattery and noticed that most of the time the charging stops when using anything on the phone, it's as if charging is a background process and the system is killing it whenever an app is in the foreground. AccuBattery lets you see the charging speed, so you can see the gradual decrease in it until it reaches an awafully slow charging speed.

    Now I'm not a software expert or something, but that's just what I noticed as a user. Hopefully someone from Nokia can answer us.

  • user1512649798959
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    I have been observing this issue since a few weeks , charging occurs slowly and sometimes if the device is used while charging the battery drops while the same charger works better with different brand mobile

    With each daily usage some or the other bugs are surfacing out , in between a few times phone switched off while charging , screen freeze issue and now this slow charging .

    Does nokia has some responsibility to listen to customers?

  • Same slow charging issue on my phone. Other bugs are there including notification lag. Don't know when Nokia is going to resolve these issues.

  • As I haven't seen it myself:

    When does this notification lag occur?

  • It occurs when using a dual SIM device and turn on the data. You drag down the notification panel and the lag appears. Turn off the data and the lag goes away. It's frustrating because you have to face it multiple times on a daily basis.