Nokia 3.3 : The change

I am here to reincarnate spirit of Nokia mobile from 2017 & 2018 where they made remarkable devices

Nokia 3.3

Instead of Nokia 4 series it would have been better if hmd made a better Nokia 3

​Soc: Snapdragon 630 

​[I know Qualcomm have lots of them lying around]

​[It will be easy to modify Nokia 6.1 main board]

​Front: Omnivision OV08B f/2.0 8mp 1.12um

​Rear: Omnivision OV013B f/2.0 13mp 1.12um + 2mp depth sensor

​[Save some money , Omnivision sensors are cheap]

​[They have excellent light sensitivity than Sony ]

​[ HDR Plus Algorithm & Morpho Video Denoiser]

​[I will make another thread on image processing]

​3500MAH Battery 

​[Perfect Size believe me ]


​[ DTS Headphone X & 24bit/192KHz Audio Playback] 

​TFA9891UK smart amplifier

​[NXP SmartAMP makes Audio Crisp and clear ]

​5.5' IGZO Display 

​[punch hole please it is getting cheaper now]

​[Aluminium frame , polycarbonate back ]

​[Circular Camera Hub like Nokia 7.2]

​[Google Assistant button is useless ,

​ add a camera shutter button instead ]


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  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @DibyaXP,

    Nice specs! But a 600 series SoC for $150? Is that realistic with all the other specs you suggest?

    Cheers 🙂

  • DibyaXP
    DibyaXP ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    I used a chip imaging sensor , Snapdragon 630 is old (costs like $8 each (don't believe me send a email to Arrow's electronic and behave like someone from a mobile company) infact 630 is now cheaper than 439 ! Great deal I guess

    If hmd like definitely they can cut smart amp and replace the display with a cheaper TFT panel with hole punch.

  • pphome
    pphome ✭✭

    I really like my nokia 3.1 phone. I need NFC and a small display (under 6 "), Gorilla glass, 5g is not absolutely necessary. I would buy such a small, cheaper phone immediately ...

  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada Super User
    edited June 2020

    All other things are fine but I would never go for a TFT display. The viewing angles are just bad and it would be a pain to view that 5.5" display as one eye would see a different colour and the other will see a different colour.

    I will remove the camera shutter key, google assistant button, depth sensor, the dts and the amp as I don't think these are the needed features at this price point and use that money on an IPS or LTPS panel (like on my Nokia 2 which has a beautiful beautiful display at that price point) as people spend more time watching the phone screen while using it.😁