Poor OS

Having used this phone extensively I have to say that it is a let down.

Poor OS

Keith Keith
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Having used this phone extensively I have to say that it is a let down. As seen on previous post on this forum the software is simply flawed and there is no chance of getting it fixed. This has been confirmed to me by Nokia support. The music player is very limited to what it finds on your SD card. The phone forgets any words you add to the dictionary if you power it down. You can't adjust the font size.
Physically the keyboard is hard to see. The silvered keys and the white back light make the text on the keyboard hard to see.

The Nokia 216 is a much better phone especially the black version and is much cheaper.
Rant over.


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     Have to agree, this 3310 3G is as buggy as anything!

    Surely there is someone at HMD/ Nokia who can whip together an OS update for this thing!

  • Corgan Corgan
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    I love the hardware, even if the directional button is a bit small and the limitation on radios had me frequently missing calls and texts.

    The OS did hold it back. Even the lack of speed and animations wasn't concerning (to me, at least)--there's almost a charm to that, bit it did feel unfinished due to the reasons you mentioned, keith. The fact that it could never remember a single name I added to the dictionary made it more irritating to use than not.
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