Has ANYONE found a way to get Nokia to replace\refund defective phones?

My Nokia 7.1 has had problems with phone calls since it was new in March 2019. Frequently, intermittently and randomly, the other party cannot understand me due to my words dropping out. This happens with speakerphone and not speakerphone. Also, sometimes when I make a call, the ringing sound and person answering sounds like a greatly speeded up chipmonk and I cannot understand anything they say. Sometimes, switching to speakerphone and back when still ringing fixes that problem but there is still the other issue.

Customer service has been no help as they just repeat themselves and make replies that have little to do with the topic of the conversation. I even sent it in for exam\repairs but they returned the same phone saying no problems found. I would take this to small claims court in New Jersey but I don't see that HMD Global has a presence in my state. Does anyone know differently? Any presence may be enough to be able to file a claim against them. Any good executive contact numbers?

I've seen many similar problems reported on the 7.1 and 6.1 except for my chipmonk issue. I've tried everything suggested but nothing works. Seems to be in the hardware or firmware.




  • Is there ANYONE with recent (2023) experience of returning (and getting a refund for) an unwanted Nokia phone within the 30 days free returns period? I notice that there are few comments on this subject here since 2021. those from this year are generally positive and chinese based. Am I being paranoid or is there a bit of a blackout on negative customer service discussions?

    The Returns button on MY order goes to a blank page.

    The email option on customer service goes to a blank page

    The Phone numbers available do not work.

    I need a return and refund.

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    Hi @chestnutgoatherd

    Please try sending an email to [email protected]

    cc it to: [email protected]

    I'm not sure if they will be able to help you, but I hope they do. Please include your order details and IMEI information in the email so that they don't bother you with another email to send the details.