Play music bug

After the installation of February security patch, my device is unable to play songs (stored on the sd card) Did clear cache and storage and restarted the…

Play music bug

Manish Toor Manish Toor
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After the installation of February security patch, my device is unable to play songs (stored on the sd card)

Did clear cache and storage and restarted the device but it didn't fixed the problem.



  • Yes, I too facing same issue.

  • stanbe50 stanbe50
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    after a February 5, 2020 update for NOKIA 7.2, it cannot play mp3 files😥

  • Siox Siox
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    I confirm this bug. But I have found a workaround. I know that the mediaplayer VLC have his own engine to play media files. I installed it and it works. 😂 So my daily audiobooks... 🤗

  • Nohumandnobuzz Nohumandnobuzz
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    Can confirm this too. Even mp3 files stored on the internal memory aren't working. I hope that a fix is on the way.

  • Faruna Faruna
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    Yes, I am also facing the same issue. Even my ringing tone and custom notifications no longer work. i have tried clearing cache and user data but it isn't working. I feel like there's some sort of bug in how the phone reads data now. This is really upsetting, I hope a fix comes soon.

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Strange, I just tested with my 7.2 running v1.400 and both MP3 and OGG files play just fine from both internal memory and SD-card.

    Tested with 'Google File Manager' (Files) and 'File Manager+'.

  • Songs will play if you use other music player or file manager.but it's not playing on Google Play music app. Only MP3 stored in internal memory is playing.

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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      <>Google Play</>

    Ahhh.. didn't see that. Sorry!

  • Finianos Finianos
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    Same issue it is so frustrating i wish i didn't update

  • R76 R76

    Yep, got the same issue. All files are on internal storage, i got no sd card. Some albums don't play, others do. I use blackplayer, which allows you to choose the decoder, and apparently, the default Android one is now broken. :/

  • abdulrahman abdulrahman
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    Not only Play Music! Even Files app doesn't works properly. Just wasted my money for this buggiest device! @HMDLaura

  • pupman pupman
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    I had the exactly same problem after updating.

    • no music app could play my MP3 files anymore (irrespective of whether internal memory or SD card), only the Files app could play them
    • ringtone for calls and notificatons only working for a second, then going silent
    • same for alarm clock
    • also in settings where you can choose your sounds (and always freezing for a bit when choosing a sound)

    Very frustrating as this makes the device utterly useless.

    I did a factory reset but it did not change anything.

    Went to bed and the next morning it was suddenly working again. Really strange. I wish there was something like quality control at Nokia/HMD

  • zeezuiper bier zeezuiper bier
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    Same issue here. Even after starting a music app phone completely freezes and only thing left is reboot. This really s.cks.

  • Abdul Khafid Abdul Khafid
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    not only 7.2..4.2 also got it 😑😔

  • Siox Siox
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    So my phone no longer rings! Fix the BUG!

  • chetan18 chetan18
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    To avoid this issue I use third party music player Rocket Player. Please try this.

  • Veon Veon
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    Same issue with ringtones too after 5 feb security update.

    Add mp3 to Ringtones folder,

    then -> settings -> audio -> ringtones = no match, no ringtones...

    So... tried convert mp3 to wav ( $ ffmpeg -i input.mp3 output.wav)

    Then -> settings -> audio -> ringtones = YES!!

    Ringtones back again.

    Maybe some strange bug with mp3 header or drm ?


  • Ken14 Ken14
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    Just bought Nokia 7.2 Everything is awesome except.... the sound system.

    Song with cover art was not able to play, but once the cover art removed, it can be play as usual.

    I think most ppl here face the same issue.

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    Every app opens for me. Play music plays both MP3 from internal storage and SD card just fine after Feb update in my device. I think it's a bug in only a few devices. Files too is working properly. Better get it checked I'd say.

  • Michael Lumley Michael Lumley
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    I cleared the cache in my music player and everything seems to be ok

  • zeezuiper bier zeezuiper bier
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    For me, the only way to solve the issue was to completely reset my phone back to the default factory setting. After the restore from my Google account (unfortunately lot of things are not part of the backup) everything was working as it did before.

    Weird stuff.

  • Maryam Asgari Maryam Asgari
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    Hi. I keep facing this error for about 1 month or more. I think its because of the security update package February 2020. my ringtones and alarms not working, my google play music app reporting the playback error for most of my songs. I tried everything including clearing data and caches or reinstalling the applications but nothing seams working.

    I hope Nokia will solve this issue immediately.

  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    same issue for my device also,but for temporary fix i'm using MX Player which currently able to play music

    Hope HMD need to fix this issue for these devices (Nokia 3.2,4.2,7.2)

  • Anon Anonym Anon Anonym
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    Amazon Music App can not play downloaded, bougth music files. Also google music can not. Only Vlc Player can. Nokia 7.2

  • Ghanbari Ghanbari
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    Same problem with 6.2

    Í can listen to music only with rocket player !!!!!!😡😡

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Ohh crap, wrong thread... Sorry!

  • addictt addictt
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    I recently started facing this problem some of my music are not showing and other are giving me a playback error.

    Also, my custom ringtones and notification tones are not working.

    I think it began after the February 2020 patch.

    Need help.

  • pupman pupman
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    Finally, on my 7.2 the problem is solved after updating to Android 10.

    While I got ringtones, alarm, notifications etc. back a while ago (see post above - it just worked again the next day!), only about half of my MP3s were indexed and showed up in music apps (only VLC would show all of them). I tried everything (removing SD card, copying music again from PC, deleting media index etc.). Nothing worked.

    I tried again with Android 10 and now it worked. This is what I did:

    • remove SD card
    • delete media index (settings --> apps --> media storage (shows only if you choose show system apps before) --> delete saved data)
    • restart phone
    • rebuild media index with special app (I started both FX and Media Rescan)
    • switch of phone
    • insert SD card
    • start phone
    • rebuild media index with special app again (both FX and Media Rescan)
    • restart phone
    • now all my music was showing again.

    Hope this helps others!

  • ManLikeCliff ManLikeCliff
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    Me for one disliked Google Play Music right from day one that I even uninstall it on all the Android I've used so far. If you want a music player that wouldn't give you headache 😜 use 'Musicolet'. Thank me later

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