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It is true that 99% OEM skins are bloated but pure android is too feature less to provide good experience . The failure of Google pixel , Nexus , Essential phone and Motorola is enough to prove my point . Bloating the whole UI like Chinese companies , Samsung and LG is flawed . Enhancing the stock android with customisation and few tweaks around the corner is important which will define Nokia . Keeping the os exactly close to stock but filling all gaps left by stock android .

Base Source : Android 10 CAF 

​[Keep developing Android 11 source side by side]


​Game Mode & Launcher 

​Screen Recorder

​Scrolling Screenshots

​App locker[Extremely useful]

​Parallel Apps 

​Status Bar Network Traffic Indicator

​New Clock & Weather Widget

​Apple Airdrop style share 

​Blue light Filter


​One Handed Mode

(Enhanced)Liftt to turn on Glance Screen

​Navigation Gestures like Nokia China Rom

​Three Fingers Screenshots

​Long Hold Power Button to turn on torch

​Double tap to wake 

​UI Changes :

​Nokia Purefont

​Dark Mode [Diamond Black ]

​Accent & toggle Colour Picker

​Status Bar Icon customisation

​Change Battery Indicator

​Add Battery Health to Settings / Battery

​Show Amps & Volt during Charging 

​Lock Screen Audio Visualiser

​[disabled: default]

​Gradually increase ringtone volume during incoming calls

​[Disabled : by default]

​Touchscreen gestures when the screen is off. 

​ could be C/E/O/M/S/V/W/Z or ^,>,<. To launch apps 

​UI Optimisation:

Use GPU for UI Rendering

Optimisation to SQL

Fastest Animation

​Quick Settings:

​Add Advanced location

​Add USB Tethering

​Nokia Apps:


​Call Recording 

​[ Enable on Legally permitted countries]

​Gallery : 

​Beautiful Looking Gallery with AI for arranging images 

​Music Player:

​*HiRes Playback with ALSA

​*Hexagon DSP for decoding audio

​*Transparent UI in lock screen 

​*based on Qualcomm music player

​Audio Recorder: 

​*Nokia ozo surround sound 

​*Pro Mode: 

​ ---> Complete Graphic Equaliser

​-----> Ability to set gain 

​-----> Ability to select radius of recording

​Notes App:

​to take basic notes with features like bulleting stuff like that , changing font etc 

​File manager : 

​Same from Nokia Chinese rom will do

​Enhancement to next step / Launcher3 :

​themes option to buy/download and Apply themes

​[Icon/wallpaper/accent colour change]

​Nokia Icons

​(those roundish one from symbian/meego)

​Icon pack support 

​More Wallpapers

​All Enhancement from Nokia's Chinese rom

Swipe down open notification panel

​Z Launcher Search Feature

​Z Launcher App Prediction on top [time based]

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  • MdSadique
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    Very good points mentioned by you. By nokia pure ui u basically mean something like oxygen os well that would be great. Hàve a look@HMDLaura @dipankar paul . Something like nokia pure ui will give it a unique look , and more features.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Agree. It is the time to start already. They can't build everything overnight, but they should start. It is high time to take a break from Android One and shape the UI.

  • DibyaXP
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    Please can you give a look to my iteration of Nokia 3/6/7/8 once in this forum. I mean they are making underwhelming device now a days . I need some support.

  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @DibyaXP,

    That's a big list! As you probably know, I'm totally behind any idea which makes the UX on my Nokia feel and look like a Nokia and not a Nexus/Pixel! 😃

    What do these things mean?

    ​Navigation Gestures like Nokia China Rom

    Three Fingers Screenshots

    Dark Mode [Diamond Black ]

    could be C/E/O/M/S/V/W/Z or ^,>,<. To launch apps

    Optimisation to SQL

    ​Add Advanced location

    All Enhancement from Nokia's Chinese rom

    I like this 👍

    Gradually increase ringtone volume during incoming calls

    Cheers 🙂

  • Absolutely reshaping the UI with a little customization will do

    SIDHEEK ✭✭

    True..... I love to see a pure Nokia user experience like back in the days.....

    Really hoping that HMD will be confident enough to launch a phone with pure Nokia software which will be a Google-free device

  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    HMD we need you to start developing this new UI now, Android one is getting bored.

    Exclusive Nokia, this is what we want.

  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @Lawss,

    Yes I agree, Android One is boring, beige and boring. I want my Nokia UI to be blue, not beige.

    Cheers 🙂

  • DibyaXP
    DibyaXP ✭✭✭

    I wasted so much time but HMD never cared about my posts

  • That's so true. Would be absolutely fantastic if hmd thought of implementing this. They need to understand that subtle customisations go a long way and offer a unique experience that differentiates it from other phones. As said before, android one is a little boring when compared to other skins. I would be fine with even small but useful customisations that make it feel like a Nokia phone and not just another generic android one phone. Something like oxygen os or even something like Sony's would be nice but that's my personal opinion (side sense seems kinda nice to me😁)

  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @Karthik 2003,

    Yes, I agree with you, it wouldn't take big changes to make it feel like a Nokia.

    @DibyaXP yes we've both wasted a lot of time on these forums! 🤣

    Cheers 🙂