Smartphone Image Processing : Reviving true photography

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Smartphone Image Processing : Reviving true photography

DibyaXP DibyaXP
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Auto Mode: This is basically everything found suited best for performance as selected by the algorithms or neural networks [stop calling it AI]

Notable algorithms in this field is Google hdr plus . Google opensourced the logic behind their hdr plus and Linux imaging geeks have ported it successfully to Linux .

Their is something that can challenge Google's hdr plus in everyway and make it run for it's money .

If anyone have Nexus 5 , try their demo app , you will realise it's power .

Killer combination:

These set of algorithm will require heavy fine tuning but will kill anything in reality if implemented properly

Motpho HDR :

Motpho PhotoSolid:

This algorithm enhance ois and EIS drastically .

Motpho noise reduction:

It is essential to remove noise without loosing details .

Morpho Super-Resolution:

Once noise is reduced , time to make raw with hyper sharp images once our noise reduction is done for hdr algorithm.

PhotoSolid ---> Denoiser ---,> super resolution ----> HDR

Hmd shall tweak it's colour reproduction and sharpness to Nokia Lumia 950 level . If they acquire any of the above algorithmsand tweak it taking lumia 950 as standard , Apple and Samsung will go bankrupt in imaging

AI & Scene detection:

Imaging team of hmd needs to go out in wild and add more scene and optimisation for those scene.

MANUAL special modes :

Night mode : current night mode require better raw (above solution can fix) and better stabilization

Astro Mode:

8 to 32sec exposure with Morpho Denoiser



  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @DibyaXP,

    Loads of interesting ideas and links and I'm sure that you're right that they will improve the HMD camera app, but are all of them necessary? Chances are that only one or two of these are needed, and if more are used they will fight against each other and the image will be overprocessed and not pleasing to look at.

    About the Lumia 950:

    • Colour: It put a yellowish tinge on most things, so colour reproduction is probably not as good as something like the 9 PureView
    • Sharpness: the 950 actually produced less sharp images than current smartphones, although some of the difference may be in the amount of processing done nowadays. If you look at any comparison of the 950 and top level camera phones in the past year or two you will see that the 950 images are not as sharp... or do you actually want less sharp? Personally I would like that, I think current smartphones over-sharpen the images and everything ends up with a white haze over it.

    I would also like a sport mode, I'm fed up with blurry photos!

    Cheers 🙂

  • DibyaXP DibyaXP
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    I already said to grab any one set of algorithm . I definitely want less sharp images . Now a days images are too over sharpened to my test.

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