Bug - sound off, squeak as you send an SMS?

Latest bug/issue with the 8110:

Bug - sound off, squeak as you send an SMS?

simplesimon simplesimon
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Latest bug/issue with the 8110: My sound is muted and when I send a text message, I get a weird "squeak", as if the phone tries to make a noise when it sends a text, then realises it's muted and stops.

Honestly, Nokia - my 3310 and my 8110 both have major issues - this being one of them. How did these phones get released? Anyone else experience this?


  • cravis cravis
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    Yes, I experienced the same problem among other ones, But the biggest problem about this phone is when you write a message, it sometimes erases itself, disappears, or skips letters. Horrible experience for 2020, honestly, what happened so that even the basics don't work well?...I have this phone from 2 years ago. I love it, but the simple functions, and I hoped that writing sms wouldn't be a problem at all...Kai OS...what is wrong?

  • abbas abbas
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    My only advice is do a factory reset then immediately update the handphone. This is because one really does not know whether there were software hiccups before ANY handphone was placed into the box for sale.

    Rather than point fingers, let us do it ourselves and start from stratch i.e. factory reset-****-update. Nokia service centre told me if there are still problems it could be hardware issues only a service could detect but even if that was not the case then Nokia said one has to wait for the next update (sadly whenever that will be) because it shows there is probably a bug in the current software.

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