Which Nokia phone will James Bond use?

Hi all, I'm sure that many of you have seen the news (leak?) that HMD are partnering with the makers of the next James Bond film to have Nokia phones featured in "No time to die."?

Which Nokia phone will James Bond use?

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Hi all,

I'm sure that many of you have seen the news (leak?) that HMD are partnering with the makers of the next James Bond film to have Nokia phones featured in "No time to die."?

It's not often that I post a link to NPU but here is where I learnt the news:

And some pics 😃

And is this an official image of the next Nokia 8?! 😲

There have also been some other things noticed, e.g. these stills from some apparent footage from the film:

They show 007 holding a smartphone, which appears to have the typical HMD design of speaker holes on the bottom and the new round camera bump on the back. Is this the new 8 series? 📱 Or is this the 7.2? ❓

Then we had the early reveal at a Belgian webstore of apparently official 007 branded kevlar cases for the 6.2 and 7.2:

And to top it all off @juho announces the event next week when HMD will launch new Nokia phones, using an animation very obviously based on James Bond movie intros and saying "No Time to Wait". I think I see a pattern here... 🤔

So, I think it's now a pretty safe bet that HMD will be definitely have some pretty good product placement going on in the film 😀 Let's throw some ideas around - which phone will James Bond use and how will different HMD products appear in the film?

Continued below 😉

Edit: I just noticed that @singhnsk wrote a very similar post on his blog a few days ago: https://www.techmesto.com/nokia-mobile-partnering-with-james-bond-no-time-to-die/ I had no idea it was there before I wrote mine, please excuse me if you think I'm plagiarising! 🙏


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    Which phone will James Bond use?

    Well, I'm sure you're all expecting 007 to use the latest 5G mega-screened pocket-busting phone from HMD, right?

    I don't think so. James Bond is old school, I don't think he likes smartphones (much). Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he likes watching videos on the go, doing some web browsing, checking of the pics of some villains on Instagram and follows Q and M on Twitter, but I for a phone I think he likes to have a keypad.

    The new Nokia 8 this will be a sexy, high-tech phone and will definitely be used by Agent Nomi. Two characters in the same film can't use the same phone, so this is more evidence why 007 won't use it.

    I foresee Bond being in Q's workshop getting kitted out for his next adventure (or Q will appear in terrible disguise at and airport on a tropical island with a briefcase full of stuff that would never get through security!) and Q offers him a choice of phones:

    • Aforementioned Nokia 8, nice, but not really made for the way old JB likes to go about his business.
    • 2720 Flip, a sexy phone! Bond would definitely have used one of these 10-15 years ago. However, these days he's not so bothered by image. And not yet quite so old he needs the big keypad (although the emergency button might come in handy!) 🤣
    • 800 Tough, now that's more like it! Functional, pocket-able and able to survive the worst that 007 will probably throw at it. 😉
    • AND.... James Bond always has to have a watch, so I wonder if we will see a new Nokia smartwatch from HMD at this point? 🤔

    Later in the film we'll obviously see Nomi showing off all the Google Assistant 💁‍♀️ features in the world, asking for everything by voice and it'll tell her exactly where to find the bad guys and what they had for breakfast. Maybe we'll even see some Nokia technologies, like using OZO Audio to map the acoustic space and find something? 🔊 Maybe the final fling for this phone will be when it stops a bullet?

    Bond, in contrast, will almost certainly win a fight with a baddie by throwing the 800 Tough at his head, or something similar. 😆

    I think we might see the top baddie using a 7.2, since that's apparently mentioned in HMD's yet-to-be-released press release (it's not on their website yet).

    And finally there will be some sort of apocalyptic explosion 💥, a building will collapse crushing everything inside it... except for James Bond and a 3310. 🤗

    Ta-da! 🥁

    How do you think we'll see Nokia products from HMD in the film?

    Cheers 😃

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