Issue of playing MP3 files on Nokia 4.2 since last software update

I can't play MP3 files since last software update(SP-February). I've already factory reset my phone but didn't work.

Issue of playing MP3 files on Nokia 4.2 since last software update

Anuradha Sanjaya Anuradha Sanjaya
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I can't play MP3 files since last software update(SP-February). I've already factory reset my phone but didn't work. And deleted every suspicious files and totally scanned for viruses with Kaspersky,Malwarebytes. I tried with Google music, Google files app and couple of another players in play store. And all files work fine in three PC.😞



  • user389 user389
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    @Anuradha Sanjaya ,

    A defective SD memory card, maybe?

    In any case, did you already try transfer a 'known good' version of the media files on to the phone?

    -- Hans

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    Nokia 7.2 after update popped up last night got the same problem, files work normally on USB file transfer with PC, I not gonna do any reset just bring the function back I'm really angry !!!!

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    I did factory reset with built in backup this morning but the restore still lost all of my recordings and apps not on the play store and I have to re log in/download all of my apps then problem still not fix, screw you I will never update again, blocking mp3 files in SD card, internal not allow to move files into it or move out which will make the files corrupt immediately, what kind of security patch is it? Few minutes of mistake I made to agree the update which told me it only do the security patch gonna waste hours of mine to fix, I literally hate you no matter who made this update.

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    Ok, the way to bring back the function I found out at this time, factory reset without connecting to WIFI then you can bring back the original version of your phone, I assume it works, still trying, worth than lost the function to play MP3 files.

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    I think I failed.

    What's wrong with you? Why you did the update like this...there was nothing like this in my phone using life.




    Android 9

    Security patch level: February 5, 2020

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    I tried to reset or downgrade for several times but I can't get a result, then I try to understand the limit of it so I found out most of the apps can't play Mp3 files or only some of them, very few of them can be detect and play but I didn't see a common relation between them, the same format, different name, different time...

    There is only one APP which is the built in "FILE", it can play all the files but that is it and it even need another built in APP "FILES" to play the song, it's not a player so it's not practical to use.

    Damn update.

  • chùnsiâng ku chùnsiâng ku
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    You know what? I break it ! You can play your music through video player and they work in different channel or code I'm not sure, normal mp3 player and video player can play in the same time therefore that make my assumption.

    For all the people suffer as we do, as far as I try, you can use VLC, Full HD Audio video player and MP4 HD player to do the job, they all got widget, screw you the update, never gonna update again and now I can finally have a rest.

  • Anuradha Sanjaya Anuradha Sanjaya
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    I found an answer too. AIMP player on play store can play those. It has awesome features with totally free and no ads.

  • Achref Azzouz Achref Azzouz
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    Eject SD card then mount it, that solved it for me...

  • d7 silver d7 silver
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    Same problem just of a few of my songs are playing well

  • Vičar Vičar
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    I removed the sd card and copied the music into phone memory. MP3 files with 320kbps still cannot be played... Hope that the next update will fix it

  • EvEm EvEm
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    The problem is with mp3 driver or music container app and mp3 ID Tag options.

    You must firstly take all the music to the PC/Laptop storage.

    You downloading and installing freeware Foobar app, then you open all of mp3 files into the Foobar (Crtl+A, Crtl+I), then you must select all files, wright mouse button, properties, artwork - and delete all artwork (album covers) inside the mp3 files - it can be one artwork, it can be a lot of it.

    To simplifie - newest update like cover files as extra jpg file in folder, and doesn't like cover inside mp3 files.

  • maaark maaark

    I hope they'll fix this in the next update...

  • EvEm EvEm
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    I've told You already - it's faulty system app - Music Container which is probably not only a library of music on internal/eternal storage, but also it has mp3 decoder for android in it self, and probably it's messing even with music in online storages - like google music etc etc.

    I have given You also a simple solution to recover all mp3 files.

    Reading with understanding is future! ;)

  • Ken Forrest Ken Forrest
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    I too couldn't play music using Google Player or VLC on my new 7.2. I deleted all my music and re-installed it. That didn't work, so I tried a phone factory reset (which takes ages to restore everything) and that made no difference either.

    I unmounted the SD Card and re-formatted it as "external". Then I re-installed my music from Microsoft Media Player on my PC. The Playlist on Music Player chose to copy the music to the phone's SD card. Now my Nokia 7.2 can play MP3 music from the external SD card just fine! It works with Google Files or Google Play Music, both of which found the correct directory straight away.

    Answer is to mount the SD card as removable and put the music on that. I haven't tried other types of media files yet.

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