How is responsible for android 10 Bugs ? Google or Nokia ?



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    Both. If we look at Google, their Pixel phones face a lot of bugs. Like all year long, Google also keeps sending fixes to fix issues and then they introduce new ones.

    Nokia's role is that they are too slow in picking up fixes from Google and delivering them. A fix which Google does in Android today takes several months to reach Nokia phones. Because we do not get timely MR updates. The Nokia 8.1 never received a MR since the Android 10 update in October. That's over 5 months now. Too long to fix basic bugs which Google already fixed in Nov-Dec period.

    But Google is the bigger problem. They release unfinished software only to release it. If Google was releasing more refined code, then it would have been a better world.

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    @Nirmal Katariya I agree with your input. But there are a few problems and I feel Google's inability leads to the bigger problem. OEMs take the latest AOSP source, as provided by Google and then deploy it into their phones.

    When Google pushes a bugged release (especially during a major release - like Android 10), OEMs pick that buggy release and start working on it. Since there's lot more to test and implement (vendor side additions), it involves a lot of time. Android OEMs who aren't on Android One will make their own changes to fix the system that's provided by Google, but Android One OEMs cannot, because the license requires them to push the version of Android system as made by Google.

    Now, Google itself fixes these issues in the very next or the next few releases, but others need to do all their homework again. They need to merge the sources, once again do the testing, implement the vendor side changes and then finally it is deployed. And it takes quite a lot of time and effort to get that done, especially if you consider the fact that Nokia has such a big portfolio of devices to support and each device needs to be updated for upto 3 years. They can definitely hire more employees to work dedicatedly on each device, but since we know that the phones industry is seeing shrinking margins and lower prices, it would be too much to expect from Nokia.

    In general, you'll see that all Android One phones (across OEMs) will receive one of the buggiest software. I did not read the license agreement, but I believe it is one of the reasons contributing to the amount of bugs.

    Only if Google was a little more serious about what code they mark as "stable", it could be avoided to a big extent. They just need to spend a little more time testing their code before marking it as stable. Or else Android One program should stop and OEMs should be allowed to make their own changes.

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    I agree in this point.

    Even Mi A3 has bugs in Android 10 update. They pulled out Android 10 update one time. Android One is good but in other ways it's very bad.

    But now days many OEMs provide long time updates and Very stock UI experience like Realme OS, Asus ZenUI 6 and oxygen OS. It's best way to implement Android in my point of view. But some Realme OS device has ads, bloatware. But I like Nokia so much because I don't want to see ads.

    At present if you buy any budget smartphones they have lots of ads.( Except Asus Max Pro M1/M2). All devices have lots of bloatware. Even Sumsung devices have lots of Ads and bloatware. There are only 2 OEMs which provides ads and bloatware free experience at this price Asus and Nokia and 2 Mi's Android One devices.

    I think Google need to change Android One program.

  • Post this issue on Twitter and On Social media Publically. Then they will Fix It ASAP. Otherwise No Bugs will be fixed in 3 Years of Updates. Then we will be left with Buggy Phone and last option to throw phones in Dustbins. Nokia 6.1 Plus Not Fixed Cracking Sound Bug for last 3 Months. No Use of Asking for Fix again and again. Waste of time and money.

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    It's blaming game by Nokia and Google. So we as user never get achual idea who is responsible for that.

    More over , I have used other companies phone also same issue is there. There same question was arrived but no one has taken responsibility.

    Only we can hope we will get updates without bug.

  • thanks guys, very good information. i learned:

    Never buy nokia phones, because nokia is a small and weak company.

    Never use Android One/Pure android, because google is stupid.

    Buy Samsung.

    from now i can see second fail of nokia.

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    Basically after reading ur whole theory i come to a conclusion that Android one is a problem in itself and that's why nokia should ditch Android one as soon as possible to succeed in market

  • I also have issues with Android 10 speaker sounds bad it sounds like a broken speaker apps

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    I agree with you, Android one program should stop from Google or Google has to release a stable software. Because if their buggy software we cannot really enjoy our Nokia phones.

    Nokia has to move out from this buggy Android One program like they were with their first generation of Android phones.

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    HMD made a good decision with their first generation of Nokia phones as they were never Android One program but had got two years of OS upgrades and now enjoying the three years of monthly security patches. Why they don't leave this dumb and buggy Android One program.

  • Eu uso o Nokia desde o Nokia 6 2017, atualmente tenho um Nokia 6.1 Plus e esta é a primeira vez que recebi uma atualização de buggy assim, realmente está demorando muito para consertar, o que me deixa mais calmo foi ver um amigo meu reclamando que a Xiaomi lançou o Android 10 para o MiA3 pela 4ª vez para trabalhar , e eu ainda vejo pessoas reclamando do assobio no áudio do WhatsApp, então não foi só nós, foi o Android 10 que surgiu problemático