[Moved] Update for Nokia 8.1 Build 00WW_2_59J_SP03

I've got a Nokia 8.1 with buildnumber 00WW_2_59J__SP03.

[Moved] Update for Nokia 8.1 Build 00WW_2_59J_SP03

Arthur Meijer Arthur Meijer
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I've got a Nokia 8.1 with buildnumber 00WW_2_59J__SP03. Even though we're well on the way in March, it still is on the Android 9 security patch from October 2019.

I've been reading the "Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary" (https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/security-updates) and this seems to be the case for all types of this phone/build.

I've specifically selected a Nokia Phone with Android One to get the freshest Android experience, but now I've been waiting on an update for months, specifically to Android 10.

Why is this specific build number not updated? Is it a hardware issue? If so, why is this build other than other types?

I'd like Nokia to live up to the promise of delivering the latest updates of Android to my phone for 3 years...



  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Not only Nokia 8.1 ,but even Nokia 3.1 Plus has such type of issue in Pie Build Itself stuck on July/August Patch for 5-6 months and then got the remaining patches

    If you are unable to wait for the automatic system update to Android 10 then you can side load the Official Android 10 update by searching in Google and download the device specific Full OTA package ,but before opting this , remember what ever action you take for your device is responsible by yourself only


  • I have a Nokia 8.1 with build nr 00WW_2_59J_SP03. And I'm still on Android 9 with protection from October. When will I finally get the upgrade to Android 10 and the new security update? I have an Android one device and that would get a security update every month? Can you finally give me and many other owners good news. If not, what else can we do? At HMD exchange the devices for another nokia 8.1 that is good? Please help us

    But it seems that Nokia or HMD does not want to give an answer. @HMDLaura can you help us ???

  • Arthur Meijer Arthur Meijer
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    All right, got my update to Android 10 with security patch of march 2020 installed last night... It took a while, but my Nokia 8.1 is finally up to date.

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    Hey, Arthur Meijer

    can you explain the procedure to manually update it, and is it safe

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