My Experience with Nokia Android/Windows/Symbian Phone.

Since my early days of career I have used Nokia 5110, 3310, 110, Nokia E63 and Lumia 925, 640XL & 950 XL. Nokia is the trend setter company.

My Experience with Nokia Android/Windows/Symbian Phone.

chetan18 chetan18
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Since my early days of career I have used Nokia 5110, 3310, 110, Nokia E63 and Lumia 925, 640XL & 950 XL.

Nokia is the trend setter company. Nokia has given best camera phone. Nokia has given best smartphone at the glory of Nokia. Nokia was dominated smartphone market by its innovation.

If I recall my all those mobile which I have used like Windows phone, Symbian Phone from Nokia, I become emotional.

I have used Nokia E63 which was very good mobile with qwerty keypad. The performance of Nokia E63 was great.

I have also use Nokia’s Windows phone like Lumia 925, 640XL & 950XL. And when we talk performance of all these phones are great. Still I have Lumia phone and working fine and getting updates regularly.

I am currently using Nokia 7.2. While I have read so many comments on community regarding not getting update of Android 10, and having bugs on the phone and people’s are not happy with performance. Why Google pushes update along with bug? This is happening with all other Mobile company.

There is one question comes in my mind does Android (Google) provide best performance across all the users ?

I request to Nokia please revisit and rethink about Symbian and Windows phone with new edge or new Operating System as a alternative to Android to provide best performance and user experience what we have experience on those days with Nokia.


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    The truth of the whole matter, is that of all phone Nokia products still standout to be the best and a big kudos to the Nokia family for that

  • amyforce amyforce

    The best smartphone my mum ever had, for over a year now. Cheap, with clean and bug free Android One experience. Nice budget phone.

  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    Symbian phones were legends for many reasons but when android launched everything changed. Even Lumia phone were good in terms of battery, RAM management, camera and sound. Only thing which was annoying was windows app store. Recent year 5.1,6.1, 6.1 plus were headache as they had charging port issues. But overall experience is good so far for me too.

  • HattinGokbori87 HattinGokbori87
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    I remember when Android first getting popular Nokia wanted to slowly dump aging Symbian and make Android phones. They tried to come terms with Google to give them some exclusivity (like a separate special edition of Android or exclusive OS feature just available on Nokia) as they knew when a dart cheap Chinese phone (who just started to bite into Nokia's market) and almost double pricey (for good reasons) Nokia phones would come with the same software and functionalities most of its customers can't justify the extra expense in their minds. But of course Google made the right decision for itself and refused and Nokia went to Microsoft. But when they made the jump they actually had developed a very decent and ahead of the time OS, Meego. Nokia had a very big software department and more than enough experience with development of mobile OS and services. But having their confidence shattered by the rapid success of iOS, made by a software giant Apple, they thought they were better leave the software to another software expert. Nokia produced some of the handsets for Microsoft no other competitors in the world was capable of making and people were amazed by them but MS's Windows mobile division proved to be the too alien for the market. I remember regularly borrowing my friend's handsets so that I can update my Lumia or download big files using their hotspot because Windows mobile engineers thought there's free WiFi hotspots in every corner in Asia and Africa (Nokia's biggest market) and if they give the dumb users a way to download big files they'll empty their bank accounts. This "feature" was not not fixed until Windows mobile OS 10, almost 2 years later. Just this experience is enough for someone to never even think about the brand again. There were many such unpopular things/ideas (like no file manager. Nokia itself released one later failing to convince MS to release one on time) that Windows Phone team was very, very slow to address. It had some great features and also sometimes big pain in ****. Only regret is Meego. If Nokia didn't dump it we surely had a great alternative to the now duoply of of Android and iOS. Nokia, then still the no. one smartphone seller with long experience in smartphone OS was the only company capable of challenging them.

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