Nokia totally fooled us.

At starting of nokia second phase we welcomed it back with love and trusted the branding of that company...but what we got in that.

Nokia totally fooled us.

santoshh santoshh
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At starting of nokia second phase we welcomed it back with love and trusted the branding of that company...but what we got in that.

I purchased nokia 8.1 at the time of it's release and it has a over priced tag than it deserved.But with in short time it got cut-off upto 10,000 rs.the people who loved and waited to buy nokia 8.1 device were cheated.Though the build quality is good and getting security patch up frequently I didn't noticed any improvements in the app is not improved though it got zeiss lens and night mode pictures are completely dark not getting captured what we see on the screen and the app of camera in the playstore is showing (THIS APP IS NO LONGER COMPATIBLE TO YOUR DEVICE)and device is getting slow and bugs are increasing which made me lose hope on the nokia devices and the service of nokia is one of the worstever service with less than 0 rating the service according to cost and time and realised after totally getting fooled by hmd for this **** piece of device. Further buyers don't buy any nokia devices the nokia devices are great for looking in advertisements only but not for using.



  • Smruti Ranjan Mohanty Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
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    It's true. Nokia after sell service is too poor and expensive. I have Nokia 8.1 and I accidentally break my screen. Now the display is costing over 17000 rupees, where I bought it at 21000 rupees. What is this NOKIA? Are you saying that the other other components except display is 4000 rupees? Why Nokia? Why?

  • iamkrishna08 iamkrishna08
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    Price cut-off happens with all the devices in the market. Like iPhone 6 was retailed at ₹40,000 but after a year it was getting below ₹25,000. So this is natural.

    I didn't get over your issue of camera. One of my friend has 8.1 and camera results are amazing along-with this device is upgraded firstly to latest Android version than any other Nokia device with proper monthly security updates.

    As you're saying device is getting slow, for that you may hard reset it with proper backup might heal your problem and I hope these things will bring your belive in nokia again.

    Thank you!

  • Zunair Zunair
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    All the nokia users please beware of Maliginant software of android 10 and stay away from it, i've used nokia 6.1 plus and having experiencing from it , after updating to android 10 os your set turn into a IOS system, neither 3rd party camera apps supporting nor gcam works, whatsapp also produce buzzing noise during voice note playing, pubg also murmuring.

    Caution:- once you will move onto OS 10 then you will not be able to move back on to OS 9. I've contacted with nokia services but their response is very nonserious and grumpy.

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