August update

Anyone get any august update ?

August update

Parry Parry
Anyone get any august update ?


  • No I haven't received August update which I think is disgraceful as the Nokia 7 plus is a Android One phone. HMD Nokia aren't living up to their promise.
  • No August update as of yet but according to Nokia website it was released back in July and as always Nokia are blaming Google
  • mac1960 mac1960

    UK user - no August update as yet, Nokia seem to be a bit slow pushing out and timetable is a bit random. Seems to vary from one month to the next.

  • Still no August update, but now it's September so I wonder if I will get this month's, pathetic really.
  • Why Nokia refuse to answer why there has been no August update is beyond me.
    According to Nokia today its a lot of factors even down to operator network approvel since I have an unlocked phone this doesn't affect it also removing the sim card doesn't force the update
  • divvykev divvykev
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    HMD are happy to blame others for the fact that there is an update problem here in the UK and now it seems NEw Zealand too. If it is someone else's fault such as the carriers then they need to get on the case instead of the "be patient" rubbish they give out.

    A person I know in Vodafone (quite high up) laughed out loud when I told him they were blaming the carriers. 

    If there is someone from HMD reading this you really need to get someone to comment on it properly and say that you have contacted whoever needs to get it sorted. Nokia Care comes across as more of an answering machine rather than a service center. 

  • sherlock sherlock
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    We in India received August security patch on August 14th.
    The phone model is TA-1046
  • It seems to be the TA-1055 from the UK that don't seem to have any updates, even though the Nokia site states it was out in the 13 August, on XDA forums someone from the UK went to Belgium as soon as he got there he received the update, seems to be a UK network thing.
  • @Sherlock. Did you get the August patch for Android Oreo or pie??
  • Parry Parry
    Pie beta user doesn't get any monthly updates
    I'm using beta update and we will get stable update before 15 September
  • TA-1062 in china no recive August patch
  • today get !image

  • @Freedsky did you get the update for Android Oreo or pie ?
  • Yes got Oreo 8.1.0 but not Pie 9.0 yet . But there again by the time you get one OS the next one's is out, you haven't got he time to get use to it.
  • Just received August update today September 15th, just when I would expect to get September's update.
  • When Android Pie Stable Will Be Available For Nokia 7 Plus? Please Give Exact Date...
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