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These pictures perfectly show my love, passion towards the food.

[Contest] My life in a photo


  • Yashdev Yashdev
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    Rajasthan is famous for its past and various customs and traditions. It truly gives insight into historical India and its remarkable diversity#LAND WHERE COLOURS REPRESENT EMOTIONS




  • Once an adventure bug had bitten me so I start taking wanderlust therapy

  • kamlesh_loncha kamlesh_loncha
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    'My life in a photo'


  • Himali.K Himali.K
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    Nature inspires. 'Rise. With all your might!' She says. Clicking Nature has been and will always be one of my favourite things. These ones are clicked on my Nokia 6.


  • What an amazing pieces of scenic beauty! Keep clicking, keep sharing. Which nokia model have you used for these clicks?

  • Ramana k Ramana k
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    Hey dude I'm hungry full bottle fill with water, may I try to hide but 7.2 shows hi let's of me portrait mode... don't speak out haaa...

  • Vatsal Vatsal
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    #ShotonNokia My life in a photo

    If I have to select a photo from my captured one's this would be it - which combines nature, love (children), happiness in one photo.

  • RajatParashari RajatParashari
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    Some things have very special in human life. for me, nature has great importance in my life. And that is the only thing that gives happiness and gives the spirit to live. I always feel very happy and peaceful around nature. There Is hardly anything better for me than this. So I upload this photo for community and myself. I'm standing in it watching the beauty of nature and the sun is rising behind me. as you can see, I and my friend's shadow is falling on those leaves, and then I clicked this photo. This part is very interesting for me. It was a wonderful experience with nature.


    Keoladeo National Park Bharatpur Rajasthan

    By Nokia 7 Plus

  • Jazz Rohit Jazz Rohit
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  • rupankar das rupankar das
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    My life in a photo

  • rupankar das rupankar das
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  • OM 2606 OM 2606
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    This is my life nowadays.

    Not only my life,

    but everybody in the world is trying their best to illuminate positivity by isolating themselves like this beacon.

    To get the rid of the darkness called COVID-19.

    And I assure that our constant efforts will get the rid of this darkness spread all over the world!

  • Suresh Sanjot Suresh Sanjot
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    My life in a photo Exploring new places with My Life


  • hyperfinephotos hyperfinephotos
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    During home quarantine , my life in photos

    Nokia 8

    #shotonnokia #mylifeinaphoto #nokia8

  • #khushi

  • Jilu Jilu
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    I always had an artistic flare.My mind was and is always at the artistic end.

    My thoughts were always to self design whatever I wear.I gave it a thought and embroidery became a passion.Other works like kundans ,beads ,silk lining etc just followed.Be it a party or casual wear my hands at least play a simple magic to make the dress more beautiful.This is my life in a photo.#MyLifeInAPhoto #NokiaMobile #ShotOnNokia

  • Stay at home

    Stay safe

  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
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    If you ask me what is life, my answer should Farmers, scientist and soldiers.

    We are happy and enjoying our every moments because of them.

    About Location :

    The Battle of Longewala (4–7 December 1971) was one of the first major engagements in the western sector during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, fought between assaulting Pakistani forces and Indian defenders at the Indian border post of Longewala, in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan state in India.The battle was fought between 120 Indian soldiers accompanied by 4 Hunter fighter aircraft and 2000-3000 Pakistani soldiers accompanied by 40-45 tanks.

    Shot on Nokia 6.1

    Thanks 😁

  • er.photo er.photo
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    #MyLifeInAPicture #Shotonnokia

    @dipankar paul

    My life in a picture - Was waiting to cross the second last patch of Peb fort in Matheran region in Maharashtra. The sun was playing hide and seek, Clouds were dancing on rhythm of rain, mountains covered with green carpet over them and bathing under falls was one of best experience. This is what life means to me and all in one picture.

  • I am wife, I am daughter in law, I can see light in every aspect of my life and I am a traveler too.

  • Lucky Singh Lucky Singh
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    My life's first long journey Varanasi to Delhi.

  • rajash rajash
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    Shot on #nokia2.2 smartphone #india @ashishsinghrajpootlodhi

  • Lucky Singh Lucky Singh
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  • Ogar parmar Ogar parmar
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    I am an Engineer by profession!

    A Nature lover,Traveller, Explorer and a photographer...too

  • A daughter reinvent a world for you

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