Got my Nokia 6.1+ charging port replaced hassle free

Hey Guys, those who have problems with the charging port in Nokia 6.1+, rush to your Nokia Service centre asap to get it replaced. Remember that Nokia has extended the warranty of replacing the USB type C port in the device.

Things to do before visiting the service centre.

  1. Carry your original purchase bill. Make sure that you have your device registered with Nokia. Basically if you call the toll free number, they (Nokia) will ask your personal details to confirm they're talking to the right person. They'll also ask the IMEI no. to check if your device is covered under warranty for this facility. There's a condition though. Your device should not have any major cosmetic damage. Especially the Glass Back and mainly the USB port itself. If there is any damage due to water spill, the warranty is void.
  2. Back up your data. The service centre technician will mostly Flash the Rom.

I asked them regarding the Flashing of the Rom since the only issue was the charging port. They said that they'll have to change the entire section which holds the USB port. Something that a Technical person can understand.

But anyways after 2hrs, I got my device back with a replaced USB port and it's working.

Nokia, So far so good 😊



  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    It's nice to hear positive experiences. Probably things are improving and coming under contol. A friend had his port replaced too, even though not free of cost, it's nice that the spare was in stock and the job didn't take too long 👌

  • Can you tell me the price of the replacement of charging port?

  • Currently nokia is replacing ports for free. Note that they will replace port only if your phone warranty is expired in last 6 months.

    If your phone doesn't fits in extended warranty period then you need to pay Rs.1200-1800