The company hiding behind the history of Nokia

How are you, my friends?

The company hiding behind the history of Nokia

salah aldeen almohamad salah aldeen almohamad
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How are you, my friends? I will share with you using my Nokia 8، My only opinion is because To wake up Nokia neglected it Overlooked,You succeeded in 2017 and I have until mid 2018 but what happened to you You have forgotten everything and focused on the cameras even though I do not use the Nokia Camera application because it fails by all standards in front of Google Camera, where is the big battery and where are the Super AMOLED screens and where are the powerful processors and where are the reasonable prices Competition for phones of the same class, you have reduced the 8.1 processor and you have reduced the Nokia 7 2019 processor even though the Nokia Seven has succeeded and the interface has not been used and you put the big lower edge and the small battery. Is this possible for you to innovate? Do not kill the name Nokia

💓Finally, I adore and love Nokia, but it has to evolve

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