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Had mine 1 week, no issues. In fact I love it...

Introducing Nokia 8.3 5G


  • Altal Altal
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  • Altal Altal
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    I'm in the UK but wanted the 128gb version ( only 64gb ) available here.

    Had to buy from Hong Kong.

    I have up to now only bought top end phones, usually as soon as they come out.

    I always loved Nokia but moved to Samsung Moved 8 years ago.

    Bought the New Nokia Flip as spare phone and for nostalgia.

    First time dropped to a mid range phone.......

    I'll get my moan out first............. not having wireless charging is an issue for me.

    That aside......... the phone is amazing. I'm in a 5G area and wow it's fast. Even o my wifi and 4g its fast.

    I love the design. A work of art!!!!

    Sound is clear,

    Screen is bright and vibrant......fantastic,

    I love the screen navigation, so easy.

    Feels good in the hand, quality built...

    Fingerprint reader perfect, face recognition perfect.

    I really love the phone.........

    I can not believe that a so called Mid range phone, 1/3 price of a top end phone has so much.

    Apart from the fast charging, it's everything you could want and more....

    And don't start me off on the excellent camera....?

    Thank you Nokia.......

    My old friend is back :)

  • My Nokia 8.3 don't have dual camera why? Kindly Assist

  • Jason Kam Jason Kam
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    I have the verizon version. 8V

  • stu9000 stu9000
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    Hi I joined this community to raise an issue with the Nokia 8.3 5G. I just got a hold of this new phone becaues I was looking for a phone with a better camera, and there are some great features. But I find that the software is oversharpening the images on some shots, and doesn't look good in some places when zooming in.

    I was hoping to raise this in a new thread but I can't see anywhere to start one, so all I can do is post this here.

    Is there any way to adjust the sharpening, and if not will there be a software update to fix this?

    Maybe it's possible to get round this in RAW, or take pictures in 64M mode and then scale down and add a little blur maybe?

    Is it possible to use RAW and 64M mode at the same time?

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    Hi, @stu9000 You need to wait for 24 hours before you can start your own discussion. This is to prevent spamming.

    I don't own a Nokia 8.3 5G but you can check out many discussions in the Nokia 8.3 5G section and ask the users over there. Someone will surely reply. :)

    Here are some posts you can check out in the Rules and Guidelines section of the forum. 🙂

  • stu9000 stu9000
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    Thanks for the head's up there, be nice if there was something somewhere that said No Threads Until ... but maybe I missed it. I did a quick search and couldn't find any discussions on this.

    A Youtuber who reviewed it recommended turning off Scene detection but I didn't see much difference so far.

    I've only just started playing about with this phone (which is a nice phone and very stylish) and I noticed trees silhouetted against the sky in the distance in landscape shops looked really bad and very over sharpened.

    Otherwise on the whole nice quality. I was looking for something that was a step up from my Sony Xperia L2, but I'm used to DSLR tech but since my Nokia D5200 got broken I've been looking for something nearer to that quality in terms of sensor size and everything else really.

    The night photography and front camera have impressed me a bit, but I think the software is faking bokehs - which is a little bit like cheating but I guess it's the only way to do it on a smart phone.

  • Syed Yaseen Syed Yaseen
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    Any idea when to expect in India? Waiting for a very long time now.

  • Hi,

    When new phones of Nokia Lumia Nokia 8.3 5G, Nokia X20, Nokia X10 will be launched in India. We can't wait to use the old phones. Please release these variants in India also.

  • When it will be released in India?

  • arpit pratap singh arpit pratap singh
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    When it will be released in India?

  • Luke Staunton Luke Staunton
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    The JPEG processing on the 8.3 tends to aggressively lift the shadows and sharpen, creating a lot of noise in the image. I find editing the white balance and shadows in Lightroom Mobile produces better results, moreso if you can shoot in 64MP mode, although the RAW files don't appear to be properly supported.

    You can also try and choose a focal point by tapping the screen and using the exposure slider, but the processing still seems to override this.

  • SijaG SijaG

    Hi guys,

    Can anybody tell me please why double tap to wake doesn't work when I have time and info on lock screen on?

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