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Had mine 1 week, no issues. In fact I love it...

Introducing Nokia 8.3 5G


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    I'm in the UK but wanted the 128gb version ( only 64gb ) available here.

    Had to buy from Hong Kong.

    I have up to now only bought top end phones, usually as soon as they come out.

    I always loved Nokia but moved to Samsung Moved 8 years ago.

    Bought the New Nokia Flip as spare phone and for nostalgia.

    First time dropped to a mid range phone.......

    I'll get my moan out first............. not having wireless charging is an issue for me.

    That aside......... the phone is amazing. I'm in a 5G area and wow it's fast. Even o my wifi and 4g its fast.

    I love the design. A work of art!!!!

    Sound is clear,

    Screen is bright and vibrant......fantastic,

    I love the screen navigation, so easy.

    Feels good in the hand, quality built...

    Fingerprint reader perfect, face recognition perfect.

    I really love the phone.........

    I can not believe that a so called Mid range phone, 1/3 price of a top end phone has so much.

    Apart from the fast charging, it's everything you could want and more....

    And don't start me off on the excellent camera....?

    Thank you Nokia.......

    My old friend is back :)

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