Introducing Nokia 8.3 5G



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    Thanks @Kartik Gada 😃

    So that one in the middle of the three is the 8.3? Given that we didn't see any of them in use they could all be dummies! 😆

    Cheers 🙂

  • Being a diehard fan of Nokia , i have always used a Nokia Phone since my childhood. I want to say that, Nokia should work fast and release the best devices sooner. We want Nokia to be the first to bring something new to the market. But due to late coming of devices the demand is going down. Please bring the devices faster. Love you nokia. 

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    It's time hmd going from a Startup to a more professional company with Service and advertising Upgrades, so the people around the world know that nokia ist already a worthy Brand.

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    That sucks. That's really the only downside of the Nokia phones is that I have to buy a little dongle to wireless charge.

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    I don't care, I'm good with 4G and Fiber Optics wired connections/internet . 5g isn't good thing to me, Fiber Optics is better.

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    What about battery capacity

  • kyokukei
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    will this phone sell in Singapore too ?

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    Chinese OEMs arent reliable,. As per the nokia standards you are getting a far sturdy hardware compared to oneplus, vivo, oppo and xiaomi. A stand apart product after all.

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    Maybe we have to wait till IFA 2020 @ berlin which is firstly decided to happen physically and nokia is taking part in it...i hope 8.3 retail launch happens in june or july,.and as per twitter update by juho,. Its coming soon.

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    I doubt it. It'd be extremely stupid to delay it until IFA. The phone was officially announced back in March, (earlier if MWC wasn't cancelled), and other OEMs have already released their phones since then.

  • Criminally excited for this phone here in the US! Global 5G is going to be awesome!

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    No need to introduce new devices if you can't even provide a good care for the previous ones. The customer care is disappointing 😞. I never expected that from Nokia. I used to love this brand. Sad to realise they don't value their customers at all.

  • Now a days, features are releasing with very delay. Compared to xiomi mi mobiles, features are very less in the Nokia phones.

    As a subsidiary of microsoft, Nokia have to give free microsoft products built-in in Nokia mobiles. Then people will come to buy more Nokia mobiles. Utility tools, infrared, FM to be added.

  • Kartik Gada
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    About features, Nokia smartphones run on Android One which doesn't allow the manufacturer to customize it and add more features. Google restrictions.

    And Nokia Mobile isn't the subsidiary of Microsoft. Nokia is an independent brand which has allowed HMD Global which is another Finnish company to use the Nokia brand name for 10 years.

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    Hi kartik gada,

    What are the restrictions for phone user, on Android One program?

    Can you explain clearer?

  • Kartik Gada
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    As this thread is for discussing Nokia 8.3 5G, I'll keep it short. We can't call these exactly restrictions but these are limitations of Android One. The 1st limitation is right on the homescreen where users who don't want that google search bar cannot remove it. Then you also do not have a lot of customisation options. OEM's cannot add their own customisations. So, those users who want all these features have to look somewhere else and they do not buy an Android One phone.

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    Having had a number of Samsung phones from the S2 up and more recently a Nokia 6 and 6.1. I would say that Android One has more benefits than limitations on OEM's Android skins. Admittedly my experience is just with TouchWiz. I have read that Oxygen OS for example is very well regarded by OnePlus users. TouchWiz has got better over the years, however I still spend a good hour uninstalling and disabling various pre-installed and duplicate samsung apps. And it clearly affects battery performance big time compared to Android One as it's a custom theme on top of Vanilla Android. My Nokia 6.1 would easily last past a day. Whereas, my A70 which has a 4500mAhI battery can lose 50% in 4 hours easily. think I'd take a few less fancy wallpapers and stick with the google search bar. It has its uses. You just need to tinker with the settings to limit your exposure. Personally I use the Bing search app as well as google search.

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    1. Current Nokia by HMD (Home of Mobile Devices) isn't subsidiary of Microsoft. Microsoft bought the old Nokia , rebranded it as Microsoft Mobiles , made it Windows Mobile Only. Then failed to compete with android and apple. Then they shut down their entire mobile division and merged their Mobile division (which is oviously known as nokia before rebrand) employees to their various duvisions/sectors. Few years after that the Ex-Nokia employees who didn't join Microsoft or left after they shut down their mobile division , came together and formed a small company called HMD. You have to realiase Nokia corporation isn't just a mobile manufacturer, It's a conglomerate. After they sold their mobile division to Microsoft, they moved on to their other businesses. Then HMD , which are basically made with real old nokia ex-employees asked the conglomerate Nokia Corporation to give the rights to use their trademark of old Nokia Mobiles division , so they can start business as a separate company this time and kinda subsidiary mode of Nokia corporation. Nokia corporation (conglomerate) agreed and gave the rights to HMD. Thats how HMD was formed, it's real Nokia but as a seperate company named HMD this time.

    2. Google is planning to introduce a thing called Google Mainline. Which is the first step towards: Google will send updates to consumer devices directly not through OEMs anymore, they'll customize their OS by themselves for each handsets , won't depend on OEMs anymore. I think that answers alot about your first question.

    3. Chinese OEMs, oo what to even tell about them, everyone already knows .lol My friends use alot of those chinese OEMs like xiomi , vivo bla bla. The most those serves is for 2 years, then... Well , Done , Dead. And we have spy problem anyways and everybody knows that already.

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    Yeah, this phone is🔥🔥🔥

    I love the design and specs of this phones, especially the Zeiss camera 😁

    I hope they price it well so that it becomes a "marketbuster smartphone" 🤞

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    What price do you expect for it to be a "marketbuster smartphone"?

  • rohitkrme
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    Nothing specific!

    I just hope they price it so that it can compete against other brands and gain a good market share. 😁

    They kept the base price of €600 at launch. As an Indian 🇮🇳, I dream it to launch near €400 but that dream will never become a reality. 😂

    Actually, something, near or less than €500 will be a good price for the device.

    #MarketBuster 🤔

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    will this phone support VoLTE and VoWiFi in germany's Telekom network? my actual 7 plus does not :-(

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    So it turns out, that the Nokia 8.3 5G will indeed come to the US, not sure if it's only available by carrier or also unlocked, however we finally got the first geekbench scores of the 6GB Ram Variant.

    Source: NokiaPowerUser

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    Love Nokia phones. This one is great - 5G, Zeiss etc.

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    Looks like a beautiful phone! HMD certainly knows how to make beautiful, well built phones. They never seem to fail in that department. And they're priced so well and have a clean OS with frequent updates.

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    Hi there,

    Will have a release of Nokia 8.3 in Mexico?? I really love it 🤩😍😍

  • Is it available in the USA?