Remember Nokia Social and the WP People Hub? Meet Blloc Ratio Tree

Hi all, I first came across Blloc a year or so ago but recently redisovered it.

Remember Nokia Social and the WP People Hub? Meet Blloc Ratio Tree

madbilly madbilly
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Hi all,

I first came across Blloc a year or so ago but recently redisovered it. Amongst it's slick and interesting take on a UI (called Ratio) it has other ideas including something called the Tree, which includes Conversations, which is very similar to the old Nokia Social app on Symbian and more recently the Windows Phone People Hub.

The idea of all of these apps was or is to aggregate all the communication methods in a single place. Nokia Social and the People Hub merged phone calls, SMS, Facebook and Twitter (later Skype), however they were developed and died before private, IP-based, instant messaging became popular which is why they don't include Whatsapp for instance. The Blloc Ratio Tree (what a cumbersome name!) dispenses with Facebook and Twitter but does include Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Telegram and Instagram (Instagram seems like an odd one out there, I'm not sure it fits with the others).

In order for this to work of course the app needs to link accounts from different networks and match contacts, which in my experience was a bit of a pain but once done it worked well.

Historically, Facebook pulled its support for both Nokia Social and People Hub by locking out its APIs, and MS never wanted to pay the price Facebook demanded to get the access back. This is one of the many reasons why WP died, part of the wider "problem" (depends on your opinion) of "no apps" (there were loads of apps, just not as many of the rubbish ones which fill the Play store).

I still think this is a cool feature and I would like to have it on my Nokia Android phone from HMD. I think this is one of those apps which HMD could create and have available to download for free for Nokia phone users and payable for others.

What do you think? Cool app or waste of space? Bring it back or let it RIP?

Cheers 🙂


  • chetan18 chetan18
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    Yes, it is very cool feature. I love these feature and your suggestion of this feature is touch my heart when I was using my Lumia Phone.

    I am agree with your suggestion.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    I saw this on TechAltar a few months back and forgot about it. Thanks for bringing this here. I definitely want this to be brought back. It was a very nice feature that I used on my Lumia 1320. 😁

    @juho (don't know when you will log in again and see this)

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    For a company whose CEO only talked about how they are getting more and more enterprises on-board and how successful they are becomimg in that segment, and completely ignored consumer side, I don't think they'll care much for the expectations of the end consumers. They'll continue to make devices with Enterprise in the mind and sell the identical ones to consumers.

    The continued use of Android One and then the werid excuse Juho made on Twitter is not satisfying. As long as there's Android One, we can't even expect of any software tricks from hmd.

    Sorry for the diversion from the topic, I believe it would be a nice choice to have. Even though my use of social media personally is very limited and I won't be diving deeper into it. I've almost forgotten that a People Hub existed, thanks for the reminder 😁

  • madbilly madbilly
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    I barely look at Facebook anymore and I wouldn't want my twitter feed merged with my phone calls, for example, but bringing all messaging and calling services together in one place is a great idea.

    Still, I doubt HMD will ever do anything like this, but at least we know that the option is out there still.

    Cheers 🙂

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