Dolby Surround and Ringtones

I've noticed, that when my phone rings, the Dolby Surround sound enhancement isn't working.

Dolby Surround and Ringtones

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I've noticed, that when my phone rings, the Dolby Surround sound enhancement isn't working. It only plays the music from the bottom speaker with really crappy mono quality, rather than utilizing both speakers, even tho the sound is loud. I found no solution to this, and I would really like to have an option to enable Dolby Surround for ringtones, because right now they almost physically hurt my ears.


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    The earpiece is not a real loudspeaker. It is just a gimmick in my opinion.

    Dolby works a lot better in headphones if you like the artificial sound!

    There's a large selection of ringtones and the option to add your own, then adjust the volume as needed?


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    This is not about selection of ringtones and volume, it's about ringtone sound not being affected by Dolby Surround. Even if you take away the earpiece speaker, Dolby Surround does quite a lot enhance the sound of the main loud speaker. You can clearly hear it. Just play a song from anything that uses system sound and turn off an on the enhancement, you'll hear the difference. But the thing is that it does not affect ringtones, and their default sound is very bad to the point it hurts my ears no matter how loud or quiet it is, while the system sound with Dolby Surround turned on is absolutely amazing.

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    After update Oreo 8.0 on NOKIA 6 Volume Decrease also Dolby Surround Sound Feature Not working and Equalizer no available on Dolby

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    I can confirm the findings of the OP, I was not aware of this difference before. I did the following testings with my N6 that has v.7.1.2. OS. I had the Dolby set into "Music mode" all the time:

    I have many ringtones that are clips from high quality mp3 files (320kbps, 44100Hz, 16-bit stereo), I used these mp3 clips in testing. I used this app for comparison (it is a very good if not the best audio app, full-free, requires _no_ dubious permissions).

    From the app, the volume level of both of the speakers of the phone appear at nearly the same volume level, the upper speaker perhaps has a slightly lesser volume level on the bass range. In general the sound quality is really great from the app.

    Then I played the same clips from the Settings, Sound, Ringtone picker -dialog (ringtones start to play immediately when they are tapped). The upper speaker was very notably at much lower volume level compared to the lower speaker and the upper speaker has very weak bass if at all.

    To test this a little further I created the following simple audio mp3 file:  it repeats the following 8 times at 440Hz and at 0dB (max volume level): Right channel only for 5 seconds then Left channel only for 5 seconds.

    The difference is BIG. Try by yourself:
    1) Download the above test mp3 and save it to the Ringtones folder.
    2) Set the Dolby to "Music mode".
    3) Listen to the test mp3 via your favorite mp3 app.  Both speakers will perform well.
    4) Listen to the test mp3 via the Settings, Sound, Ringtone picker dialog. The volume level of the upper speaker is very very very weak (about -9dB), AND the upper speaker has a very loud and clear "chirp" (low frequency interference from some unknown source, not from the the charger, the "chirp" is the same weather the charger is connected or not).

    Well. Luckily I'm not so concerned about the sound quality of the ringtones (or notification and alarm sounds) as long as they play loud enough. I'm much more concerned about high quality sound ("full HiFi" as opposed to "HiFi ready") from the app and I'm happy that I have that.   However, the difference of loudness levels and difference in bass output clearly appears to be a bug, and the ringtone "chirp" on the upper speaker appears to be another bug.

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    Thanks for running those tests and proving my point. The implementation of Dolby is very poor on Nokia 6, and it got even worse after notorious Oreo update

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    user87, I didn't prove you point, on the contrary.

    The Dolby option improves the sound quality of Nokia 6 (Android 7.1.2.) greatly for all audio and video media (e.g. mp3 and mp4) that are played by media players. It is true both when listening via the built in speakers and via headphones. So the Dolby option is very very good. There may or may not be bug(s) in Android 8.0.0 but my phone is still at 7.1.2 so I cannot not say anything about performance under Android 8.0.0.

    What I found out was that it is indeed true that notification tones (custom mp3) do not utilize the improvement that the Dolby option could provide.  In addition I found out that notifications tones (custom mp3) have notable volume difference between loudness of the L and R channels in my Nokia 6 and that during a notification tone (custom mp3) is played the earpiece of my Nokia 6 emits a "chirp". That is not at all the same as your lame claim: "The implementation of Dolby is very poor ". 

    Notification tone is just a notification tone, it is not in any way comparable to listening and enjoying a symphony or some other kind of musical genre. Notification tones are simply notification tones, it is well enough that they notifies loudly enough, and they do so.

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    It's proven my point of Dolby not affecting ringtones, you inability to read is unfortunate. Dolby implementation is bad because at least two reasons: one channel (left I assume) is almost completely cut out while playing music through the speakers and lack of any equalizer that other phones with Dolby have, not to mention Oreo bugs (loudness, distortion, hissing sound, random volume changes). Very very good option, indeed

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    user87, the Dolby option does is not utilized while playing ringtones, that we do agree on.  But on they other hand, notification are just notifications and perhaps the Dolby option is not even designed to be compatible with notifications.

    Your assertion: "Dolby implementation is bad because at least two reasons: one channel
    (left I assume) is almost completely cut out while playing music through
    the speakers. ..."  is not true according to my findings. When I play music using a media player app the Dolby option does its job amazingly well, the quality of the audio is extremely good and nothing is "almost completely cut out ". In fact the Dolby option is the best thing that has ever been introduced to such a small size audio playing apparatus as a phone.

    That there is no system level equalizer is not an issue, there are many media player apps that have an equalizer such as VLC and Musicolet.

    That an update (from Google) has bugs is very normal, especially when it is a dotZero update. It is childish to insist that such bugs would render some additional system level software implementation  such as the Dolby option (by HDM) as bad. The Dolby option is the best thing that has ever been introduced to such a small size audio playing apparatus as a phone.

    If there are bugs in the Android v.8.0 OS that affects to proper operation of the Dolby option, then they will be fixed in the future, hopefully.  I do not know if there are such bugs in the Android 8.0, I can not test that as my phone still has the v.7.1.2.  But bugs that are introduced by an OS update do not render any software implementation as bad. 

    I see that for some reason you are fervently bashing the Dolby option, you are utilizing what ever pretext possible, even if they are not related in any way to the implementation of the Dolby option. Obviously there has to some incentive fro you do so.   But you efforts are in vain as everyone can easily hear the quality of the sound at a shop that has the phone on display.

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