Nokia 7.2 review

Manoj Mehra
Manoj Mehra ✭✭
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I am a big fan of Nokia as I owned three Nokia phones, Nokia 1112, Nokia 2310 & Nokia Lumia 625. Nokia would have been top if it had gone with Android OS rather than Windows Phone. Though Windows OS was user-friendly & smooth but it lacked applications. That is why Windows Phone fell behind Android. After owning Nokia Lumia for almost 5 and a half years, I wanted to buy a new phone. My friends and other people suggest me to buy Chinese phones like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc. but I was very clear that I want to use Nokia with Android OS, so I bought Nokia 7.2. Though the reviews I read about was not so positive, but I was desperate to buy Nokia phone. After using it for 1 month I am writing this review.


  1. Full HD+ screen resolution
  2. Big screen size
  3. Stock Android
  4. Dual sim with memory card support
  5. 2 OS updates and 3 years security updates as Nokia promised. See how much they keep the promise.


  1. Average camera despite having triple camera setup, Zeiss lens and Pixelworks visual processing technology. Camera disappointed me the most. They claim that it has 48 MP camera but I read in an article that it's just capturing photos with 12MP and pixel binning it to make it 48 MP photo. The photos which are taken from 48MP camera are not very good or should I say even worse than photos taken with 12MP. I will suggest taking photos with 12MP camera.
  2. Expensive. It is not value for money phone. Why would someone buy a phone with price over 15,000 rupees when he can buy phone with same features or more features in less price? I just buy it to give a try to Nokia with Android OS and because I am a big fan of Nokia but unfortunately Nokia is disappointing all the people who trust Nokia.
  3. Old processor. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 which is an old processor. The price which Nokia is charging, Nokia should have given the latest processor.
  4. Average earphones. The earphones come with the phone is just average.
  5. Battery is not very good. It just last one day even if you are not a heavy user. Battery drains fast.
  6. Fingerprint sensor is inconsistent. Fingerprint sensor is also not placed at right place on the back of the phone so when you want to use fingerprint sensor to unlock, your fingers touch the camera lenses. It is also a built disaster.
  7. Sometimes call screen goes black. If you want to provide someone some information from your phone, you can't see because call screen goes black even after distancing it from your ear.
  8. Power button and Google assistant button are opposite to each other so when you lock/unlock your phone, sometimes accidentally Google assistant button is also pressed. It is built disaster.
  9. Hindi language documents are not showing properly in Word and Excel documents.
  10. Double tap to wake up phone is inconsistent and sometimes it doesn't work at all.