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Notifications showing wrong timings. Msg showing as received 5m ago, while opening the msg showing as received at that time. Happened for WhatsApp.

[Merged] Bugs noticed so far on Nokia 7.2 after Android 10 Update


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    Notifications showing wrong timings. Msg showing as received 5m ago, while opening the msg showing as received at that time. Happened for WhatsApp.

  • Akhil Akhil
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    There may be some dirt or water on the finger print sensor

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    @Hitesh chavda Hi, it is not a bug, instead a feature. Somebody having developer options enabled is expected to be a developer and the current build will be something very important to them.

    This is same on Google Pixel phones.

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    No @singhnsk. @Mr Kush is right. I haven't performed any reset and still i am also having this drawer issue.

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    Issues on Android 10

    - charging speed decreased.

    - problem with drawer (maybe it resets everyday and adapt to daily usage)

    - mobile data turning off ( but notification centre shows it active) in background for few second and turn on again itself after 3-4 seconds

    - Android 9 ambient display was better.(when new notification comes and it shows notifications in middle of screen)

  • Corvo Corvo
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    I cant swipe away the notification from lockscreen if it falls over the assistant icon. Has anybody else noticed this?

  • Lonewolf2105 Lonewolf2105
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    What??? And i was eagerly waiting for the android 10 update on my nokia 7.2:‑X

  • asikis asikis
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    I still haven't received Android 10. But from what I am reading it is obvious that the update, for some users, is not of good qualit and brought some glitches....On my 7.2 the UI is very laggy time to time but this becomes more frequent.....Come on HMD....on a device with SD660 UI glitches are not ALLOWED!!!! this is so ridiculous.....

    If Android 10 does not resolve my issues, I am considering on buying a Xiaomi as my previous experience with Poco F1 was absolutely perfect without any of the issues I have with 7.2......

  • K Vaishnani K Vaishnani
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    Look, also in camera when your battery is low or in camera setting popup notification size is much bigger thn average.

    Also i set my font size and display size both SMALL but in camera settings display/font size is much large thn your main settings.

    I did 2 times restore default settings but also it doesn't work.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
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    This issue was present on Android Pie as well. Increase your display size to "Default" and it will turn normal. This issue need to be fixed and using default display size is not a good option.

  • Utkarshjn Utkarshjn
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    Do the following steps:

    1. Clear storage of the stock camera app.

    2. Disable it.

    3. Install CameraPX 4.3 from cstark


    4. Don't run immediate after start. Clear storage of this app first

    5. And you are done.

    *SlowMo won't work with this gcam mod*

  • Vickygeth Vickygeth
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    What is this in my notification bar menu?

    I noticed this after Android 10 update on my Nokia 7.2. Is it some version number? How to get rid of this?

  • I own Nokia 7.2, phone keeps restarting saying app not responding.shows Android cannot load your data.cannot use the phone anymore.please help

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It isn't a bug. It is a feature which is useful to the developers.

  • tyzi tyzi
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    What it has to do with water or dirtt on fingerprint sensor??

  • Mine is 7.2, immediately after updating to Android 10, it's just taking me to factory data reset flashing unable to load Android from drive, did factory data reset for four times, but still the problem subsisting. Had a chat with customer care support over chat but to no help. Please advice me

  • Heathiopian Heathiopian
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    Do you use 2 Sims? There is known issues check the top post in the forum

  • NilsWoe NilsWoe

    I updated my 7.2 to Android 10 yesterday.

    Since then i had some problems with third party apps (like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat) that aren't getting notifications.

    For example:

    I have WhatsApp open in the background all the time. But i don't get notifications when i haven't opened it for a moment (30min?).

    I close Snapchat in the background once I'm done with it. I never get notifications. Not even after hours of waiting.

    Instagram is a similar thing. I close it once I'm done with it. Sometimes i get notifications with a delay of like 30min, sometimes I don't get any notifications.

    Things i tried to fix it:

    - I restarted the Phone.

    - I deactivated adaptive battery.

    - I checked to be sure that battery optimization is turned off for those apps.

    - I checked that all notifications are allowed.

    - I checked that datasaver is turned off.

    - I deleted the cache of these apps.

    - I reinstalled these apps.

    - I changed the Heartbeat Interval with the PNF App.

    Nothing helped so far.

    Is this a bug in Android 10 on the 7.2? Is there anyone experiencing the same problem?

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi @NilsWoe I have not faced such an issue on my phone. Neither have I seen anybody else report a similar thing so far.

    Yours looks like an isolated issue. Maybe try by re-installing one of these apps and see if that helps. If nothing helps, a factory reset would be your last resort.

  • Akhil Akhil
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    if swipe fingerprint for notifications gesture is enabled in your phone.. dirt or water drops on the sensor could trigger the action.

    Sorry i got your problem wrong

  • Corvo Corvo
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    All games are lagging sometimes. Not sure if its overheating problem or something else. But it shouldn't lag on SD 660. Also UI lag is present sometimes, especially notification panel and volume quick settings

  • Akhil Akhil
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    Wifi/or mobile data automatically turn off and then turn on after some time during usage.

    Anyone facing the issue?

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    @Vickygeth those numbers are there cause developer mode is on your device.just turn off developer mode in settings that's it.

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    When i try to close only one application using clear all the app does removes from background but when you again swipe up (to check background app) the app is there but actually its image but app is closed. (Means when you tap on app it says app isn't available)

    It happens rarely.

  • kiron kbk kiron kbk
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    Nokia 7.2is having bugs after android 10 update the fingerprint sensor is too slow notification bar is too slow turning on mobile data takes too much time

    The led light in power button is not working properly for whats app, Facebook, Instagram etc....

    And the ohonehas ar core capability but why not supporting why pls Nokia fix all bugs pls it's a request🙏

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