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• Portrait editor always stop working when i try to change the bokeh effect of a google photos editor edited photo. • Phone is lagging too much.

[Merged] Bugs noticed so far on Nokia 7.2 after Android 10 Update


  • tyzi tyzi
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    • Portrait editor always stop working when i try to change the bokeh effect of a google photos editor edited photo.

    • Phone is lagging too much.

    • Google playservice for AR is not supporting even after updating google play.

  • tyzi tyzi
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    Sorry but i have not faced such a problems on my phone. Did you tried restarting the phone??

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    @kiron kbk yeah notification light still doesn't works with third party apps.

    You should try clearing cache memory of the phone this may fix the issue,if it doesn't, try factory reset.

  • kiron kbk kiron kbk
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    I have done factry reset it didn't solve the issue I have also done force restart it also didn't solve the notification led problem

  • lee jac lee jac
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    There are bugs on my update too.

    1. I can't take screen shot anymore after update. And I can't install 3rd party screenshot apps too.
    2. When playing a game, the button works bad and seems frozen a least one second.
  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    That notification light will not work even if you do restart or factory reset until programming is done in software update.

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    Something is wrong with camera app.

    When you tap on reset to default in camera app. It doesn't matter whether you tap cancel or ok. It does set the camera settings to default settings.

  • Akhil Akhil
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    Noticed a frustrating bug.

    Sudden brightness changes when swithing apps .

    Anyone noticed the issue

  • DuongTx DuongTx
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    My phone's battery is draining faster after update to android 10 ( even I was factory reset it after updated)

    Anyone know how can I fix it?

  • pOix pOix
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    Even after the updates still having the notification panel lags and jitters, HMD fix this man this is quite irritating.

  • Deadmanwalking Deadmanwalking
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    today i was browsing chrome for a while and there was an after image after closing it, like the notification bar, the web window and more. a faded image in background, it went away after a while but i didnt know that this happens with lcd screens.

  • asikis asikis
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    Do you use 2 sims at the same time? I am on Android 9 still and have the same jitters and lags in notification panel. I found out that if i am constantly connected over WiFi OR disable the 2nd SIM card, all the jitter and lags are are almost gone....Can you check this workaround?

  • Muvi Muvi
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    I think the next update should fix

    - battery optimization

    - arcore(for some regions)

    - notification light

    Along with April security patch.

  • My phone every time hang

  • Sauvy Sauvy

    My Wifi signal gets disconnected and reconnected too frequently.

  • kiron kbk kiron kbk
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    While we take the the phone to our hand from the desk the phone the always on display settings are not working properly ithink it's a bug. Kindly fix it

    Lockscreen mesage are not showing properly kindly fix it

    and the led notification is not working properly kindly fix this problem pls......

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    Yeah, notification light doesn't work properly (for third party apps)

    The thing with ambient display is that it will wake up (screen) only when your device is placed with camera bump faced down.if sensor is covered or phone is placed screen faced down the ambient display wont work even if you lift it up asap when notification comes.

  • lijin jaspher lijin jaspher
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    Hi,Google play apps are not installing, updating after the update of Android 10 (updated on 15 April) always shows pending and network disconnects randomly, then i turn off and turn on it works fine.

    Please give a solution.

  • Rick Majumdar Rick Majumdar
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    Bro it's done by YouTube no one can stream videos @more than 420p untill pendamic ends.

  • tyzi tyzi
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    There is no option to hide quick access menu in lock screen??? What about privacy??

  • russ tanner russ tanner
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    Yesterday (4/25/20) I updated my phone, and was pleased to finally see Android Ten on board.

    Later on while out and about, I found out my mobile LTE internet was not working. I could use the phone and text, but no internet outside of a wi-fi. I did not see the "LTE" symbol with the little arrows.

    After a couple of restarts, and looking through settings, it came down to doing a factory reset. Thank goodness Google has a great back up service, it really takes some of the pain out of a reset.

    Before I did the reset, I tried my sim card in another phone to rule out problems there. The sim card tested fine.

    After the factory reset I turned off the wifi, and voila, LTE mobile internet was working, now all is well along with the LTE symbols on top.

    I also noticed yesterday the charging was not on fast charge despite being plugged into an 9 watt charger.

    The fast charge mode is working again post factory reset.

    After a day of reading of all the Android Ten update issues, I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest everyone to go ahead and back up and do a factory reset right from the get go. I don't see this as any big issue, but probably quite normal when you completely upgrade the operating system, and there'll be some glitches when you consider all the different apps and configurations out there.

  • yuuyatails yuuyatails
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    The only problem I found with my 7.2 is that with the stock camera app, the camera's focus function won't work at all while recording video (regardless of recording resolution).

    Note that It doesn't happen with 3rd-party camera apps like Open Camera and the Gcam port, which makes the phone to focus properly while recording video. The default Camera app should really need some fixing.

  • asikis asikis
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    I also had to perform a factory reset a few days after Android 10 update as some apps were not working as before (some notifications from Messengeer, Viber and Outlook apps were not coming....)Anyway, after factory reset all are working fine now.

    Except the big issue with the notification area lag/glitch.....This is so annoying.

    Also not to forget mention that I also have this camera focus on video recording issue. Sometimes it refuses to focus....some others it works ok.....

    HMD R&D needs much improvement.....

  • Rahulsingh Rajput Rahulsingh Rajput
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    Since i didn't saw any related posts regarding my issue, i'll post them now:

    After doing a clean factory reset to Android 10, below are the issues i've noticed so far..

    1. Force closing of apps in background.
    2. Automatic screenlock while using.
    3. Charging time is more than 2 hours.
    4. Wide angle cam is a no go.
    5. Liitle bit heating issue.
    6. Sometimes after unlocking phone, black screen appears.
    7. Too much stuttering while switching in between apps.
    8. Battery life is reduced dramatically.

    Also, I've updated with recent April patch.

    Still none of the above issues are solved.

  • Scott Hoffman Scott Hoffman
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    The only issue I had with the upgrade (TA-1178, US, T-Mobile US) is that my mobile data settings got wiped out. I had to call my service provider to get the right information to set it back up. T-Mobile US tech support was very helpful and had my mobile data back in short order.

    The fields I needed to add (by clicking the "+" in Settings/Network & internet/Mobile network/Advanced/Access Point Names) were Name, APN, MMSC, and change APN protocol to IPv6 from the default IPv4. Be sure to click "Save" before backing out of that menu, or you'll need to re-enter that information.

  • Sabertooth2438 Sabertooth2438
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    for me my audio jack dosen't work after a while and to fix it I have to restart my phone every single time

  • Sabertooth2438 Sabertooth2438
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    you only have one files app? I have two of them in my phone

    don't know why

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