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Please help me i am very depressed regarding my privacy concerns any body some and access my phones quick settings like opening hotspot or Bluetooth or turning of my data.

[Merged] Bugs noticed so far on Nokia 7.2 after Android 10 Update


  • tyzi tyzi
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    Please help me i am very depressed regarding my privacy concerns any body some and access my phones quick settings like opening hotspot or Bluetooth or turning of my data. Plz help me

  • Zetabit Zetabit
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    Nokia 7.2 with Android 10 update. Since then the camera app seems to ignore the storage setting and always writes photos/videos to the internal storage rather than the SD card regardless of the setting being set to "SD Card"

    Tried clearing the cache and user data for the app but this didn't resolve the issue.

    Has anyone else found this?

  • andrewholland1973 andrewholland1973
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    I'm having this problem also, got my 7.2 last Wednesday.

    Things I'm noting:

    1. Open camera works ok with saving to SD card but the Nokia Camera doesn't
    2. My existing card is 256gb Integral card, just tried swapping it for an old Kingston 64gb card and that worked fine, weirdly.
    3. This same 256gb card works perfectly fine if taken out and reinserted into my Nokia 6.1 (which I was using until Wednesday!).

    What card are you using?

    Edit: just formatted the 256gb SD card and tried it again, camera working normally now. So try a format!

  • Maryam Asgari Maryam Asgari
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    Hi . After installing the security package of june,5 2020 Im facing some issue with camera. The camera app is not working , neither in any other applications like telegram or instagram . When I try to open it, suddenly it pops out even in other apps. With restarting the phone it solves somehow but after couple of hours it backs. Does anyone facing this bug?

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Seems like save location is restored at restart (at least then maybe even more often).

    SD-Card: "SanDisk MicroSDXC Ultra 64GB 100MB/s"

  • AndreyM AndreyM
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    After upgrade of Android to version 10, the DSP (accelerator on the Qualcomm chip) stopped work properly. It just hangs. It worked well with default Android 9 firmware. This can be verified by running of tests from the benchmark: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.benchmark.demo

    By default it tries to enable DSP and app hangs.

    I tried to run other apps using DSP, CPU and OS is responded, but DSP is not.

    Can anyone verify if above app works on Noikia 7.2 with Android 10 (there should be score around 16.5 if DSP is used) and might be ping Nokia 7.2 support team to verify/fix this functionality?

    Or advice how to downgrade my phone to stock Android 9 version

  • jakub bláha jakub bláha
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    The camera app is all laggy and taken images are not saved. No error message, nothing. Just makes the shutter sound and doesn't do anything.

  • Efthimis Efthimis
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    That's probably the reason you have to disable Hexagon DSP in Parrot's GCam in order to make it work. You're right I guess, there's something wrong with it.

  • littledutchboy littledutchboy
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    I've had my 7.2 for about a fortnight, and I can honestly say it's the worst phone I've ever had. So many bugs and issues including:

    1. Music only plays the first 10-15 seconds of any track. The track continues to show that it's playing, but there's no sound.
    2. On Whatsapp, the media files are stripped out of the message automatically after 24 hours. Photos are stored in my gallery ok, but videos are corrupted.
    3. About a quarter of photos taken are corrupted and show up as solid gray on all or half of screen.
    4. Some videos I take and are sent are corrupted.
    5. Instagram perpetually crashes on sign in. The app signs me out every day even though I've opted to stay signed in. And when I do manage to sign in it won't allow sign in as a English (UK) user, only English (US).

    Overall, it's a real disappointment. I wish I'd stuck with Samsung now. My S4 lasted 7 years without faults. I'm particularly annoyed about the camera issues as this was the main reason for buying the camera.

    If anyone has any ideas about the above issues, I'd be very happy to hear them!

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Just some comments on Your issues @littledutchboy :

    1. Listening music (close to) daily from SD-card with VLC without problem.
    2. Not a WhatsApp user...
    3. Frequent photographer using stock cam, no other issues than lost of storage location now and then... Annoying as ****...
    4. See #3
    5. Using Instagram many times/day and don't recognize those issues...

    Have You tried full factory reset?

  • Hariprasad Nair Hariprasad Nair
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    Hey everyone!

    I got my Nokia 7.2 a couple of days ago and even though at first I was skeptical of installing Android 10 after reading through this discussion, I decided to go ahead and install it nevertheless. Thankfully, I haven't noticed more than 2-3 bugs even after extensive use. Below are the points that I took note of and acted on to ensure the bugs I encountered were resolved.

    1) After installation of Android 10, i did find some heating and batter drainage issues. Booting into Recovery Mode and clearing cache partition did fix that for me. I'm getting decent SOT and charging speeds. Also, my phone doesn't heat up anymore. (Please note that I don't play games on my phone so can't really tell about that)

    2) My camera stopped working in every app including the stock camera app. As someone stated above, a restart of the phone does seem to help but if the problem prevails I'll suggest to turn off Face Unlock. Once I did this, the camera started working perfectly well.

    3) Initially the entire phone was lagging, but once cache partition was cleared the phone is almost butter smooth except for occasional stutters while browsing on Chrome (which could be an issue with the internet). Notification panel does seem to stutter at times and I wasn't able to fix it.

    TL;DR : Clearing your Cache partition and removing faceunlock might just help clear a lot of bugs from the phone.

    Do let me know if any one of you finds this useful.



  • Tony Wilson Tony Wilson
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    Hello ppl, Im facing an awkward situation here with my phone. Screen unlock, fingerprint, notification panel, volume control are all getting lagged when mobile data is used. But when on wifi, no lag is present. Everything goes smooth. I have no idea on what to do. Any clues on what i might be facing here??

  • KenH KenH

    Having problems Android 10 latest version with loading Amazon and eBay apps. Getting a message that apps stopped working. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and they work a few times and then stop. Have cleared the cache but no change. Have rebooted but no change. I have another phone with Android 9 and everything works fine. Any thoughts?

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