(UK) Nokia 6.1 2018 TA-1050 Android 10 release

Update arrived (SIM free unlocked-unbranded-Three SIM) and I don't understand what's happened to Android...

(UK) Nokia 6.1 2018 TA-1050 Android 10 release

Symbonic Symbonic
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Update arrived (SIM free unlocked-unbranded-Three SIM) and I don't understand what's happened to Android...

I have been monitoring the comments for sometime and with how late the update has come for the UK model I had some slim hope the bugs wouldnt come with a finally released update (with added updates after the first initial A10 update)

Some things I don't get

-When using the new gesture feature, and in an app the bar is visible at the but isnt tapable.

-When using the 2-button gesture setup, one was able to hold and slide left and right through the multitasking menu and finger release for the chosen app change. Now it slides to the last app only without a scroll through multiple open apps.


-Slide up to open apps tray only works on the new gesture setting and not over the other 2-button and 3-button setups.

-When the phone is on charge and dream mode active the menu button is visible... Why?

-Slide from left to step back is a cool feature but apps already use slide from left for a menu screen.

Android (at least for the Nokia 6.1 2018 TA-1050 feels broken as if certificates have run out on audio codecs and files are not in the correct place at the correct times when loading transitions and things.

What are you seeing with your android 10 (Late Edition)


  • Symbonic Symbonic
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    -Menu button on dream mode why?

    -No smart face unlock why?

    -You still cannot pull the notification panel down fully in one swipe, still only with two fingers.

  • Nirmal Katariya Nirmal Katariya
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    Why you are using dream mode. It will damage your LCD display. So just disable it in Settings -> Display -> Screen saver -> When to start -> never

    Android 10 officially removed Face unlock in Smart lock.

    All the 3rd Party has Audio bug🥵.

    I don’t know why you updated to Android 10😒 We are facing bug since January.

    Next MR should fix most of bug so wait.


  • Rajdeep Sinha Rajdeep Sinha
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    Same problem...

  • DieNokia DieNokia

    Death to Nokia. I spend a considerable amount of money on a Nokia phone. They approve the update to Android 10 which then causes everyone bootloop problems. They don't provide any support or fixes for the problem. They don't provide the option to role back to Android 9. They don't provide the OEM unlock so users can attempt to make their investments useful again. Seriously, I hope they disappear as a company and people can just fondly remember them as the company that owned the mobile phone market and lost it all.

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