Nokia 7.2 | Android 10 | Battery draining fast

After updating Nokia 7.2 to Android 10, Battery draining is Fast. Does anyone else have faced this issue?

Nokia 7.2 | Android 10 | Battery draining fast

chetan18 chetan18
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After updating Nokia 7.2 to Android 10, Battery draining is Fast.

Does anyone else have faced this issue?


  • gonsvq gonsvq
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    Bad news: they won't fix it

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Yepp, somewhat shorter SOT.

    But while 'sleeping' only 6% during 6 hrs so that's OK.

  • victory.v10 victory.v10
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    I have Reset phone and the issue is resolved. you can try it.

  • Earlier in android pie v1.400 the charging time to charge the device from1to 100 % was taking time around 1hr 35min but now the it's taking 2 hrs 15 min to charge the device from1 to 100% it is like a bug which we noticed in v1.390pie

  • Deadmanwalking Deadmanwalking
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    Battery seems to be better than pie. Loving the update, it's smoother, faster, responsive and efficient.

    This is with lots of browsing, YouTube videos, WhatsApp video calling, normal calling, WhatsApp messaging and normal phone usage.

    Edit: After some more usage, you can say I have got aorund 8 hours SOT, with same usage of apps and features I have mentioned above.

  • chetan18 chetan18
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    To solve this issue I have reset phone and issue is somewhat solved.

  • ChandraSekar1989 ChandraSekar1989
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    Just factory reset your phone solved your battery backup problem...

  • Manish Toor Manish Toor
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    I am getting a good battery life sometimes far better than Android 9. Btw battery performance depends on how you use your device. You can drain full battery within hours or can use it for full day.

  • I had same problem immediately after upgrade to v 10. It sustained cca two days, but then it disappeared. Probably Android 10 did some "measurements" and optimisations itself and it looks all good now. No action done from my side.

  • Very Disappointing Experience from Nokia-(Service center)Maryland square- Calicut- Kerala

    I bought Nokia 7.2 last week on July 2nd 2020.(with 14 days replacement warranty--its 9 days now).But last three days i have raised two times complaint with battery draining issue (9-10 hours full battery drains...Normal usage 20 calls(Maximum 30 mins talked) & data on in idle mode always)

    The service executives (though shown them my battery drained 5 % for a call of 15 mins)says it is normal,treating me as a liar & avoiding me & denied my replacement.

    I am a Nokia Fan & promoted many handsets in last few years & it is my third Nokia phone in last 2 years.But Unfortunately now i regret.

    Hope higher authorities will look into it & get this replaced for me.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sayyid Ibrahim P


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