Slow Internet Speed

I'm Facing Slow Internet Speed after this March Security Update 🥵🥵 What can I do... (Image)

Slow Internet Speed

Abhi_Maurya Abhi_Maurya
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I'm Facing Slow Internet Speed after this March Security Update 🥵🥵 What can I do...



  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Here you need to understand that due to outbreak of Covid-19 Lockdown and work from home are implemented in most of the countries which cause Network Carriers unable to provide a good and high speed internet to all of their subscribers due to heavy network traffic and to reduce the load ,they started providing basic internet connectivity where you can get barely 100kbps to max. 1Mbps speed which can give you access to web sites and watching SD quality (upto 480p ) Video streaming from YouTube and other OTT platform

    Once this lockdown gets lifts up ,everything will be set to normal where you get high speed internet access

    For temporary fix ,either adjust the app data usage (like restrict the background usage) which can help you get good speed while using particular app


  • Abhi_Maurya Abhi_Maurya
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    It's Not Working I tried Everything .. it's some kind of bug I think 😑😑

  • user1540952022706 user1540952022706
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    Does anyone have Airtel Volte service in Nokia 5.1 Plus?

    There is no sigh of it in notification panel.

  • ManLikeCliff ManLikeCliff
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  • Akra Akra
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    If you are from india for your kind information all network in india was slow in past 1 month it is not your phone/software error. (I have tested airtel, jio,vodafone network with other phones )

  • Rajat Shetty Rajat Shetty

    I am having the same problem. If I put my sim in another mobile, the net speed becomes normal. Problem only occurs while using net from my mobile.🤷‍♂️

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