Are we ever getting the promised Nokia 9 Camera update?

When Android was released for Nokia 9, we were expecting a packaged camera update; but we were told that it's coming later as a separate update :\

I don't have high hopes any way, N9PV is as an experiment after all :\

For what could have been revolutionary, sorry...


  • I don't think we're getting any updates besides the monthly security patches. We should be getting Android 11 when it comes out, at least that's what Nokia promised - two major Android iterations for the lifetime of Nokia 9. But I don't believe it's going to happen. They going to kill the phone before that. Plenty of reasons - one of them is the phone is experimental piece.

  • Das ganze war ein Marketing Experiment! Hardware oder Software wollte und wird HMD nie innovative Produkte bringen!

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    I don't think anyone will be using a Nokia 9 by the time Android 11 comes out. We're all sick of it.

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    Rough translation: The whole thing was a marketing experiment! Hardware or software never wanted or will bring HMD innovative products!

    I read somewhere they were pressured by FIH to release it since they invested in Light but don't quote me on that.

  • The camera app on my Nokia 9 hangs so often while taking pictures I do not use it for important events anymore. Either the view freezes or it hangs trying to save a photo. I find it ironic that the most unreliable part of my Nokia 9 is the camera. If I turn off RAW and depth the camera is a little more stable but then why have this phone. My wife's Nokia 7.2 is faster with the camera and I think it takes better photos especially in low light.

  • I have lost hope, software quality is not a priority for HMD :-(

    The hardware is exceptional, but the software that I interact with consistently is full of bugs...

    AND the selling point of the phone is the worst part :'(

  • It is just business. Nokia getting some quick cash for a dead phone department, and HMD selling Foxconn phones with Nokia branding.

    I have chatting with HMD support. Most of them are friendly. But they act as buffers. HMD has no interest in providing support for their products.

    Bootloaders have been sabotaged. Even the dummy toggle "unlocking OEM" has been deactivated.

    Camera software for the Nokia 9 seems rushed, and is not getting fixed.

    When trying to get support for the Nokia 9, the supporter asks me if I have heard about the new Nokia 8.3. I find that hilarious.

    Its possible to edit RAW, but lightroom version is not premium.

    No pro mode for monochrome.

    Nokia sounds are poorly implemented. Well.. not implemented at all actually.

    Lack of SD card is baffling.

    No explanation on the Nokia bootloader page. They simply deactivated the login.

    No responses here on the community pages. Nokia is getting paid, so why should they care? HMD will run the Nokia brand in ground by treating their customers this way.

    Supporters cant seem to agree if they work for Nokia or HMD. Some claim to be located in Asia. Others in the US.

    Sounds more like a small department of a call center, or people working from home.

    The bootloader issues is interesting, because they (HMD) clearly made an effort to lock it down as hard as possible.

    Glued battery. okay, they all do that these days. Hilarious to buy a flagship Nokia phone, and getting a glued battery. So even if you buy their top model, they will screw you over.

    I talked with a professional smartphone reviewer, and his response was "HMD is no longer a brand of interest". I agree. HMD only thinks short term. Profit on the Nokia brand, and hand out some large salaries to the leadership.

    They will be doing us all a favor when they stop trying to produce phones. Actually the phones are just chinese smartphones. "Nordic roots" :D

    Nokia 9 pureview, is not an experimental phone. Unless any buggy phone with no QA or bugfixes are considered "experimental". There is a word that describes the HMD phones perfectly: ****!

  • Hardware is exceptional, SW though is not, SW support is mediocre, as they only care about numbers and percentages :\

    The new strategy of targeting low and midrange is fine, but the competition is spicing with Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus getting in the equation...

    I love Nokia, but I don't see HMD surviving...

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    They will be fine , the phones are great for price and no one has better updates for all price range if phones. Everyone is so worried about the next phone no one ever used and enjoys the one they own

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  • Is there any new updates for the camera for Nokia 9 PureView before the end of 2020?

  • I love the Pureview. Though the camera is the supposed draw, I don't have a love affair with that function on any phone. Good for me since that's about all that make buying an Apple or Samsung worth mortgaging the farm for or convincing the masses they need a new phone every year. Quite a racket.

  • A simple gcam Go, works fairly well on Nokia 9PV and helps me save my face when need to click some quick images in a gathering with friends or family.

    The output with RAW or Depth mode ON are exceptionally slow.

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