1 April 2020 Patch Idea Sim Network Issue

I had installed a new security patch of 1 April 2020.

1 April 2020 Patch Idea Sim Network Issue

Dipesh Sawant Dipesh Sawant
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I had installed a new security patch of 1 April 2020. Immediately after my Idea Postpaid sim (now automatically migrated to vodafone because of idea vodafone collaboration) lost the network.

I have tried following things,

I tried resetting the factory settings - didn't worked.

Tried another idea (Prepaid) sim in my phone - Worked

Tried putting my postpaid sim in another (samsung) phone - worked

Tried changin sim to another slot - didn't worked,another sim (jio) is working perfectly in both the slots.

Tried setting idea sim as data sim with network type 4G

Tried to play with #*#4636#*# - didn't worked

please help me to solve this issue



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    This is strange. I believe the phone is somehow not recognizing the Idea SIM's ICCID and hence not registering it. I faced a similar issue on my OnePlus phone a few years ago.

    I'm afraid, you might need to have your SIM card issued again, but it's tough in this situation of lockdown. Do give a shot to manually selecting the network via settings. Maybe it works, but very unlikely.

  • Dipesh Sawant Dipesh Sawant
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    Thanks for the response. I tried that too. But I am not able to change the network selection from automatic to manual for this particular sim. When I try to turn off automatic network selection, phone gets freeze. Then it shows message to wait or stop the process.

    May I know how did you resolved your issue?

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, as I said, I ended up replacing the SIM card via the Airtel store. The problem right now is that the stores won't be operational :( I got a new SIM with the same phone number, which had a new ICCID and hence managed to register it.

  • Dipesh Sawant Dipesh Sawant
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    Ohh.. Thanks for advice.. But bad luck because of lock down. :(

  • user1535170885237 user1535170885237
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    Same thing is happening to me with my Vodafone and idea sims .But jio sim is working fine for me .Sometime my Vodafone and idea sims show 4g and then quickly return to H signal. They run fine on my motorola phone.

  • user1538745277209 user1538745277209
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    No sim problem for airtel and Vodafone.Yes battery drainage is there with heating after April sp update

  • Sahel Sahel
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    Yes I have seen sim problems with my Vodafone postpaid after April 20 patch, as some data centric apps are not working or working too slow, while YouTube/Facebook is working fine, even nokia phone app also not works with Vodafone sim now it's lags a lot, but when I connect my phone to wifi every thing goes perfect, all apps starts working fit & fine.

    Seems there is a pathetic issue with Vodafone ideas simcards after April 20 update.

  • Sahel Sahel
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    Also device starts heat automatically unconditionally, when in pocket or while idle after April 20 update @HMDLaura

  • Sahel Sahel
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    Also apps like phonepay, Paytm works too slow despite decent data speeds on Vodafone network after April 20 update.

    Don't know what's the problem after April 20 update caused.

  • MP MP

    I am facing same issue. I updated software on Nokia 2.1 now suddenly and network is completely gone.

    I am using Jio sim and it already detected in sim cards settings, but network status shows "emergency calls only".

    Tried to set network manually, but when I select "Jio 4G" it keeps loading some time & then shows unable to register network this time.

    Tried factory reset but did not worked.

    I tried Idea sim card it still shows same issue. So issue must be with recent update.

    Can any one help please?

  • RaghuKoppar123 RaghuKoppar123
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    @Dipesh Sawant - Did you get any solution to your problem?

    Even i have the same problem, Network is not detected for my vodafone SIM.

    I have replaced with new SIM, still Nokia 6.1plus mobile unable to connect to mobile network.

    Some one help me resolve the issues. 🙏

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