The long term future of HMD Global and Nokia phones


The long term future of HMD Global and Nokia phones

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EDIT: I wrote this post months ago but was stuck in draft for some reason so it might have outdated/missing info (Also I didn't bother researching/editing further, I'm too lazy rn). Thought I might as well post it as is since it's still an interesting topic.
So I've been thinking about this lately and there doesn't seem much discussion about this topic.

From what I understand, HMD relies on investor funding from these three: (source)
Ginko Ventures, FIH, and more recently DMJ Asia Investment Opportunity, which gave HMD a market valuation of USD1 billion and achieved unicorn status in the process.

So a quick recap of HMD's history:

• HMD is founded and they get the rights to sell Nokia branded phones and tablets for 10 years.
• $500 million will be spent over three years on marketing
• HMD want to become one of the top players in the market in the next 5 years
• HMD sold around 70m phones at the time
• HMD raises 100m USD from Ginko and DMJ giving it unicorn status
• Flagships (N8S, N8) aren't doing so well compared to midrange/low-end phones
• More accessories planned to expand ecosystem
• Nokia 9 PureView released and receives mediocre reviews
• HMD is still struggling in the smartphone front, especially in the higher end segment, selling only ~5m smartphones

So what is the long term future for HMD? Surely they can't rely on investor funding forever.

• Do they get bought out by a larger company?
• What happens after the 10 year agreement ends?
• Does Nokia acquire the company after the license expires in 2026?

Would love to know others' thought on this.


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    Hi @BootloaderUnlockWhen, quite recently, in the FIH's report, it was revealed that the Q4 2019 brought operating profit for HMD Global, which happened for the first time.

    We don't know much about their financial status as the company is still behind the closed walls. FIH Mobile has a good reason to reveal such an info because that can help hmd more investments (which they are currently eying), so, it can be not fully right too.

    I believe their initial plans didn't work out well and there has been change of roles at so many places. The worst was probably when CEO was switched to be taken over by somebody from HTC (I ain't a fan of people who have failed other companies).

    Let's see how they plan in the year 2020. It should be make and break for them.

    And for the license renewal, nobody knows 🤣 Maybe Nokia plans to acquire them if they manage to make some space. Or else, just give up and license the brand further if they are still somehow alive until then. Or tag them as incapable and license the brand over to some other company 🤷‍♂️ The new incoming CEO at Nokia will have a role to play in it too. Let's see how he thinks and plans.

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    On current situation it's very blur 😃😉.

  • andigruber02 andigruber02
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    Don't forget, that the original Nokia is also in trouble with there 5G Plans and they will get a new CEO in autumn 2020 and checking Out the Options to make a Fusion with ericsson.

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