Battery drainage

After feb 2020 the battery drainage increased a lot. Earlier i got screen on time of 10 hours on a single charge using only one sim with heavy usage i thing like playing pubg for 2-4 hours and rest while watching videos and YouTube and other frequent apps. While now i am getting of aboit 7 hrs with same ussage.


  • Sai krishna.T
    Sai krishna.T ✭✭✭
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    Bro, I donnow how u r getting that much screen time by playing pubg. we r getting like 5 or 6 hr screentime with moderate usage.

    Could u tell me how u managed to do that.

  • Smit VK
    Smit VK ✭✭✭

    Ya, that's what I was thinking !

    I loose about 5-6 % in just one game of PUBG 😂

  • After March SP udate 10 min of pubg drains 5% battery.

  • Nirbhay
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    After april update of something around 401mb the battery life becomes normal. Approximately 1 hr for every 10% of battery which leads to 10 hrs for 10% and if doing heavy task for 2-3 hrs it is upto 8-9 hrs.


    How i try to save battery life

    1. Only using 1 sim.

    2. Lower the graphics of the game( i am playing pubg at balanced- medium).

    3. Almost no background app's.

    What a tell earlier is a round of time mostly when i play 2 hrs of pubg i get a battery life upto 7 hrs and so on.

  • What do you use for charging.the same stock cable or any new one .the stock does not fit at Al l.i fear it may make the port loose me

  • Do any of you guys play pubg while charging?? Since a few days even during charging my battery drains if i play pubg .