Hello nokia , i purchased nokia 8 sirocco its just a waooo device every thing on it is just waoo..but when its come on camera i just feel ohh is…


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Hello nokia , i purchased nokia 8 sirocco its just a waooo device every thing on it is just waoo..but when its come on camera i just feel ohh is totally buggy freezzz in potrait shots, lights are over exposed,pics are not good as it will be from nokia.Please update your camera apps nokia.Thank you


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    Hello, @user1533376582620 I also completely feel the same. So far Nokia hasn't been able to optmize their camera software for great results. They need some serious work in their camera department. There is no problem with their camera hardware just with their software. And I also remember Nokia used to be well known for their camera performance but now I don't have much to say until they figure out something.
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    Yes brother i know its software issue..But as a brand nokia how they can release this premium set without checking this simple bug.Brand value should be maintain by is just below android Pie i think it will not solve becz nokia camera app needs to be update..Nokia pls take this as a serious issue pls fix the camera
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    Frelsesarmeen Therese same way. Fix the camera
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    Hello, @user1533376582620 just wanted to remind you that Nokia just released a new camera update with new features like Google Motion and others. So, you should be able to download the update from play store and see if the camera is improved and if it meets your expectation. Thank you. 

  • propov propov

    I use Google camera app from XDA. No root need. Super results. 

    Sirocco vs XZ2 compact

    Sirocco vs S8

  • New app version is not so bad. Infact I compared low light photos taken inside and Sirocco with new app version does compete well enough with Iphone 8. Older version was not quite that good. First photo with apparently brighter one is taken with Sirocco and the other taken with iPhone. These are 100% crops. Depending on the angle of the camera Sirocco chose different exposure times which affected of course how bright the colors of my old radio look like. What do you think? And sorry, my crops are screen copies. It should not make any difference though



  • Savi Savi

     The update it is a bit better, but still very bad.

    Can someone point me to a good Gcam port compatible with Sirocco that all the functionality (like the second camera zoom/focus, true HDR and faster with the Encanced HDR) ?


    Right now i`m using the Arnova v8.3b1, and is well better than stock but slow-motion does not work and second camera it is useless (i think). I understand that some ports from Stark are better, but not sure witch.

    P.S. If Nokia would allow the boot-loader to be unlocked it would be a lot better and more people would switch to Nokia. A lineage OS and true fully functioning Gcam on it will be the best device to date.

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