Massive mobile data problem in Android 10

Ok, got a Nokia 6.1 phone that was working perfectly on Android 9. Upgraded to Android 10 and then a problem started with mobile data. I'm going to explain slowly and step by step to show how I recreate the problem. I can recreate it 100% of the time.

I have wifi on and mobile turned off. Then if I turn wifi off then after about 1-2 seconds the H+ icon displays by the signal bar. I confirm that all the wifi and mobile data toggles are off (Wifi switch to mobile data automatically setting always off). Confirm it in settings again, but the H+ data icon still displays. More alarmingly, I go into Chrome to see whether it will work and its using my mobile data (but the settings are off!!)

Ok, test 2. I leave wifi turned on, but keep mobile data off. I move out of wifi range and 1-2 seconds later, the H+ pops up again and once again mobile data is being used.

Ok, test 3. Put wifi on and mobile data on. Turn off wifi, turn off mobile (in that order). No data connection. Good.

Test 4. Put wifi on, leave mobile data off. Turn off wifi. H+ pops up. I enable mobile data and turn it off again. No data connection. Good

Test 5. This I discovered after working from home and only having wifi on and mobile off. I received a message from my service provider that my mobile data was running low. I checked the balance and moved on. Next day, I check the balance again and it is slowly decreasing. My phone is still using mobile data in tiny amounts even though the mobile toggle is off and I'm only using wifi. (It has been depleting my mobile data for the last week already and I'm on wifi only. No mobile usage shows on data usage screen for mobile. It's not a lot of data, about 1-2mb per day, but still, mobile is off, it shouldn't be using anything.) In test 1 and test 2 it uses full mobile data as if it was turned on, but it shows it is off.

Please HMD, fix this! I can cope with the whatsapp and games sound popping and cracking after the Android 10 update, but not a phone that is using mobile data when it shouldn't! I don't want to leave my wifi area and then an hour later my phone has used up my mobile data and then it will start using my airtime at out-of-bundle rates. If this doesn't get fixed, I'm afraid this loyal Nokia fan will have to find another brand.



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    I emailed my query above to Nokia Support and was surprised by their quick response. They helped me and in the end resetting the network settings solved my problem. Now the wifi and mobile data behave as they should.

    Thanks Nokia for your quick response and resolution. Very impressive!! 🤩

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    Can you explain how to do it?

    Or if possible please share the reply(email) of Nokia.

    Update: Resolved, thank you.

  • Update 2: Solution worked only for a day, same issue again next day.

  • Unfortunately it is bad news. The solution only worked for a day with mine as well. On the second day, the same problem returned as originally posted above.

    I'm not going to reset my network settings each day, so now I have a choice:

    1) Wait for this to be fixed in a future update.

    2) Get another phone from a different brand. 😔

    Also, should an update fix it, I'm not updating after that again. (Same as with Windows 10, most updates these days breaks stuff.)

    Note also: I don't require the latest Android two weeks after it arrives. I'm happy to wait a year if it means all the bugs have been ironed out. I miss Android 9.

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    I turned off mobile data few days ago, because I'm using WiFi. This morning I started to watch one downloaded YouTube video. So, I turned off WiFi also. While I'm watching that YouTube video I noticed receiving messages from messenger and WhatsApp. So, after I watched that video, I started to watch another online video on YouTube. Surprisingly it was play. Then I open FB also. After sometimes I felt something bad and checked mobile data settings. I noticed my account balance reduced too much( I used all my data before switched turn off data). And in settings show used mobile data. I think this is happening from last update but noticed today only.

    Now I put limit to 0mb and it's seems solved.

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