[Moved] Nokia 7.2 Issues

I both Saturday this phone and already it has many issues.

[Moved] Nokia 7.2 Issues

Iceman67 Iceman67
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I both Saturday this phone and already it has many issues.

Photos app doesn't let me to edit my photos and tell me I don't have connection and I have full LTE and now I cannot see no one of the photos I took, this give me problems in Whatsapp to send photos too. Also in video call in Whatsapp the person see me in inverse way. When I connect to laptop I see the SD card but I cannot see the internal memory. The phone tell me I have the SD card 132GB used of 256GB, my SD card is 128GB and it is new. The alarm app has issue to play the music when I wake up. Three day with this phone and gave many issues. I advise to fix all these issues, I am trying Nokia again after many years and my first impression it is not positive.



  • gaurav malik01 gaurav malik01
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    I am not able to recieve any msg on my one sim. While if i put that sim in another mobile i am receiving the msgs. This happened after updating to android 10. Please look into the matter and rectify the same. I am in trouble. Using nokia 7.2.

  • russ tanner russ tanner
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    Just got the android ten update, phone calls work, mobile internet does not.

    Just great....

  • Hati79 Hati79

    I just bought a new 7.2 phone. I can't pair it with my car. My wife has the same model, but it's 6 months old, and that phone connects without a problem to the car. My phone gives a very short error pop up: Dumb... Both phones have the same version of Android 10: 00WW_2_270.

    Maybe the never phones have hardware issue with the same software?

  • IsabellaG26 IsabellaG26
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    I just bought a 7.2 because I wanted a reasonably priced dual sim phone; what a major disappointment. My Samsung 256Gb Micro SD card with all my music on it had to be formatted, now the file transfer won't work; I've already changed the settings to say 'Use USB for' File Transfer & it sits there looking dumbly at me. Seriously underimpressed. I note that others have noted the default to 'no data transfer' as a bug that needs fixing; perhaps there might be more fundamental issues? I note too that my contacts did not import correctly into my car, and I think I'm going to ask for my money back. Very unsatisfactory.

  • Nethaji Muthu Nethaji Muthu
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    I have nokia 7.2, it's making some (tunung) kind of beep or notification sound for no reason. Can anyone help me with this?

  • petra h petra h
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    I'm not able to send any messages (SMS, MMS) on my Nokia 7.2 after the upgrade to android 10. I'm using one SIM card on a dual phone, the card is working fine on a different device. Very frustrating.

  • petra h petra h
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    Problem regarding not being able to send SMS has been resolved after switching off VoLTE. Still not able to send or download MMS though even though MMS is activated.

  • I've been using this device for 6 months ,this is the worst Nokia phone that I purchased because earlier I had a charging problem ,and it took me more than 4 hours to full charge my device and I had given the device to Nokia care center and they had replaced the motherboard and after that, issue was ok , but now I'm having lots of issues after the Android 10 update

    1) Voice call problem ( the answering party cannot hear my voice properly which means it is lagging)

    2) Sometimes fingerprint says Too many attempts have tried, use your password to unlock the device ( this happens without even touching the fingerprint sensor)

    3) Ghost touch or screen flickering

    4) Sometimes battery drains by 2% to 2%

    5) I'm using Netflix for my entertainment ,

    When I was using it sometimes I cannot hear the sound from whatever the movie /TV series watching ( it is lagging but it will always get solved by restarting the device)

    And they say this device we can use for 2 days but after using maximum 5h 30min battery is getting drain up to 15%

    Honestly I'm telling the truth these are the issues that I'm facing right now , this device is a complete waste of money

  • Mac The Knife Mac The Knife
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    The Nokia 7.2 does not pair with my car no matter what I try. Was on to customer support for over an hour last night and tried their recommendations ie remove data, cache reboot to no avail.

    As I purchased this phone on the 19th May 2020, I understand that I can return this phone. However on the chat they say that the time period has elapsed for return.

    I do not understand this as the phone is not fit for purpose and anyway it is within the 30 day time period. Am I correct?

    I would be very grateful if anybody knows the procedure for returning the phone ie Address as the official web site leads you around in circles?

  • Dear Nokia...Been using Nokia different model in last the decade .But moved on to Samsung and then to I Phone and back to Samsung .Just wanted to start Nokia again.So purchased Nokia 7.2 on 17/July/2020 .To my surprise just cant recieve volume in coming call.So we have to use the speaker for all the Incoming calls ..... head phone is not working.We just started using the mobile .During this pandanmic and the role has Repiratory Therapist handling patients its another challenge to troubleshoot to the Nokia 7.2.Pls address this at the earliest.

  • Kiran Rodrigues Kiran Rodrigues
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    Mobile randomly restarting automatically.why this issue is happening?

  • Ik heb een Nokia 7.2 met Android 10 versie. Aan het eind van de middag valt mijn wifi uit, terwijl de signaalsterkte uitstekend is. Geeft melding wel verbinding, geen internet. Wie kan mij hierbij helpen?

  • Mijn echtgenote heefft een Nokia 7 plus ook met Android 10 en die heeft precies hetzelfde. Wat kan dat zijn?

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    @Jan van de Geest :

    If You are looking for answers You really should consider using English (Yes, this is English only forum).

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