[Update 05/05/20] Android 10 on Nokia 4.2



  • You lucky. Do not update phone is you have dual sim. If update on Android 10 - call feature are not work properly. And bugs with microphone. Check threads under that, before update. I've better downgrade phone to 9, but idk how...

  • Still on Android 9 (Germany). Did Nokia stop the rollout because of this bug?

    @Nokia: Some transparency would be nice.

  • Been searching for smaller screen budget phone as back up or alternative smartphone. So I purchased Nokia 4.2 and it was delivered today. With all the reviews, comments and complaint that I have read online. Without inserting SIM cards I connected it to my WiFi and search for updates, no update and I turn on hotspot on my other phone and select United Kingdom as location and search for updates and it pop up with 4 more updates after the Android 10.

    So if you wanted to get the Android 10 use VPN and please format or factory reset before you update and after the update.


  • Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try sooner or later. But honestly i'd prefer an "official" update and furthermore some kind of statement from Nokia on what is going on. One of the main reasons, i bought a Nokia with Android One was the promise of getting updates.

  • Mine Nokia 4.2 got updated in May. Thanks Nokia for this . I loved this updates and I seek newer features with our upcoming update.

  • MadMaxFromKiev
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    You love the 15 poor updates and a lot of bugs in firmware? Better choose Xiaomi, they have it MORE.

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  • Jira
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    I would like to know when is Android 10 for Nokia 4.2 expected to provide in Czech republic? It has been released in April in (Wave 2 for Czech). It's June ending and I only get patches. Is it expected that the phone is bought from network carrier?

  • ...was ist mit Telekom Germany?...

  • My Nokia 4.2 has still no update for Android 10. I am in Germany and my provider is Telekom.de . I hope it will come soon.

  • udangana
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    Please which of the country did receive the latest MR for nokia 4.2 (00WW_2_320)? I want to use vpn to update mine, thanks.

  • Jira
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    Can anyone tell me why the network carrier/operator HAS to aproove the OS build? Why the OS release depends on operators? I have never heard about that.

  • Nokia 4.2 here in Germany, still no upgrade to Android 10!

    I emailed the phone's IMEI to the support, only to get no further information but to wait for it. (no ****?)

    I chose Nokia because of Android One and the promise, to get Updates. Now it's up to you, Nokia!

  • They just dont care, dont buy hmd phones anymore, it will solve the problem if there will be no HMD.

    Practice like that with promies and lies must end.

  • jdi000
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    The phones operator on carriers networks so they approve hardware locked phones and for unlocked phones approve software upgrades.

  • jdi000
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    All my phones update every month since I have owned them so it's clearly a issue with a specific carrier or location.

  • Yes yes, and in 3 or 4 different big countries in EU its the same. Germany and Poland are not in size of peanut. HMD should do something about it, if they dont it means they dont care.

  • The more i think about it, the more i'm done with android in general and in particular with Nokia.

    Even if Nokia finally delivers an Upgrade to Android 10 on my (respective my daughter's) Nokia 4.2, it is still about ONE YEAR after the release of Android 10. Ridiculous.

    My wife's Nokia 7 plus (bought in 2018) is a perfectly good phone, which is no longer supported for new android releases.

    But this is a problem with android in general. Even my Pixel 3a from Google won't receive upgrades longer than three years.

    I'm switching to apple. Even the 2015 iPhone 6s will receive iOS 14.

    Yeah, i knew it before. But it **** me off more and more. The silence from Nokia in this thread is even more deafening.

  • jdi000
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    Hello this is a user community and a response from the hmd Nokia company is not expected. Nokia provides more updates and os upgrades then anyone but google and specifically says this in all the literature. If you use a phone for 2years and buy another it's still cheaper than an iPhone so the choice is yours on how much you want to spend and how often you change phones. Even with apple is updates all new features do not get pushed back to all older phones.

    What features are you looking for that you need to have in a new os build ?

  • Seriously, just say already that you are working for HMD.

    No one is expecting Nokia officials to write responses on Nokia community forum? WUT

    Did you even checked any other forum from differend brand? Im active on 4 forums from different brands and on 3 from 4 the response from official team is taking max 48 hours. You know which is 4th? THIS.

    Seriously, i didnt want to spend more time in this thread but when i read how hard you are trying to defend HMD here without even checking other people point of view is hilarious!

    Nokia is providing more os updates than anyone? WUUUUUUUUUUT

    Prove it. I seriously challenge you to prove this in this thread, that Nokia is providing more os updates than anyone, especially compared to Google and Oneplus.

    But ok, maybe Nokia is providing the fastest updates from all brands?

    Again, nope, my 2 years old Samsung got 2 major and 1 minor os updates in last 6 months

    My fiancee Xiaomi got 2 major updates, my 3 years old Oneplus got 1, My mother Nokia 4.2 bought for 2019 Christmas got 0.

    I dont know if you are from NA but maybe i am wrong and Europe is just 3rd world for HMD (which would be hilarious again because they are supposed to be company located mostly in Finland)

  • Jira
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    But I'm not talking about os updates. I have been regularly getting updates (for Android 9). I want to upgrade to Android 10. And that isn't possible so far, at least in Czech rep. it isn't. This is what I am complaining for. This is what irritates me. The promised upgrade is not available. As I've written in some earlier post, users don't care whose fault or responsibility it is. They see the result and ask.

  • jdi000
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    The updates are published and available but your carrier has not approved . Complain to them and ask for it to be released.

  • 🤣🤣😃🤣Seriously i cant believe in this comment. You have been brainwashed man.

  • Rorro
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    Hi, I came back and I see that the situation did not improve @HMDLaura

    You know? The first semester of 2020 is already ending and the update for 4.2 in Chile has not yet arrived. Your deadlines expired months ago.

    Are there still people defending HMD? Shameful.

    Just as these announcements are given in the user community, someone from the staff out of respect for the preference we made with this brand, should speak up and give an explanation.

    Juho talks a lot on Twitter, but the complaints evade them and the users are already disappointed.

    Well, when another "wave"? Lost the surfboard or the tide for more updates?

    (And yes, for the defenders: I have already consulted my operator, those of the Nokia chat who know little and also the organism of my country that regulates Telecommunications)

  • jdi000
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    You have to understand that approvals are needed by carriers in a lot of countries. Hmd has built many versions and updates and released them, they cannot override approvals in some countries. Why would they say oh let's just not release the updates in this country or that country. The builds are available to most countries. So just be patient with your country approval

  • jdi000
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    Facts are facts data and personal experience drive my opinions not emotions and knee **** reactions

  • Lordbeny
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    This are not facts, things you wrote above are your illusion. I am still waiting for proofs that hmd is doing anything faster than other brands ;)

  • Rorro
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    I no longer know whether to laugh or get angry with the firm defense of HDM.

    Let's see, how can I explain that the false promise of "timely updates" is from Nokia and not from my operator.🤨