How to get your Android 10 update sooner (VPN guide)

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edited April 2020 in Nokia 4.2

First and foremost my appreciation to Nokia for rolling out this update.

Secondly, this goes out to all those in countries considered as smaller markets especially in Africa e.g Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda.

If you are one to wait for the official update to land on your region I suggest you ignore this, (continue your stay home, wash your hands with soap & running water, wear masks to public spaces if at all your country hasn't yet called for a lockdown, maintain the distance required from other people and basically avoid crowded places.—I had to put this out there. Hope you understand.) However, if you're one who doesn't wait for nothing in life, you got that rebel going (btw I like you already), then HERE IS HOW TO GET YOUR ANDROID 10 THIS MINUTE.

1. Do a complete backup of your phone. (Both the standard Google backup and with the help of a third party app, do a backup of your private files, photos, SMS, call logs and whatnot. For bigger files upload them to your cloud or simply move them to your SD card.

2. After backup, perform a FACTORY RESET making sure that you remove both your SIM cards and SD card just as soon as the phone powers down in preparation for the reset.

3. After RESET, choose English India as your preferred language and SKIP all settings from there including setting up a password, fingerprint or face lock. (This is simply to save on time coz none of this is necessary at this stage anyways!)

4. When you finally hit the home screen, go to your WIFI settings and connect to your home or trusted WIFI network. (**Disclaimer***for obvious security reasons it's not advisable, and I STRONGLY DO NOT advise you to connect or even use open public WiFi networks without securing your phone. ). Go to Google play store and log in as you would normally.

5. After step 4 is done download your preferred VPN app..,(I personally used Nord VPN for this) open it, log in and connect to any servers available in India. Note: if you're using Nord VPN then you might want to avoid that autoconnect feature. Also NOTE that if you miss this step and connect elsewhere where the OTA update isn't released yet then it might not work for you and you'll have to try again from step 1.

6. Once connected to India, exit out of the VPN app, open your SETTINGS and check for the update. You should see your update appear! Download and install and Restart!

7. The last thing you now want to do is go to your settings and do a FACTORY RESET. (I do this to ensure each time I update to a major update everything works as intended without carrying over settings, apps, or even customisations from my previous setups and hence the full backup at step 1.) Once it restarts, set up your phone as you would a new phone, choose the right language region according to your preferrence and set up the necessary passwords fingerprints or the face unlock as you prefer. Restore your backups and everything else and redownload all your favourite apps....and you are good to go!

I'm a proud owner of a Nokia 4.2 in Kenya currently enjoying the pure niceness Android 10 comes with! Good luck!