Nokia 4.2, Android 10, Bugs.



  • Phone: Nokia 4.2 (TA-1157)

    Hi everybody,

    sound it's not working in native video app, after updating to android 10.


  • I have the same BIG issue as DB42, having lost the Bluetooth connectivity to my car's telephone system. I have tried some suggested workarounds, but nothing helps. The "Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload" is grayed out and cannot be switched off on the Nokia 4.2, which is a pity as switching it off apparently solves the BT problems on many other phones.

    I also have noticed that people suddenly do not seem to hear what I say in the middle of a call...

    I think it is very bad indeed to distribute an update that is so poorly tested that absolutely essential functionality suddenly stops working. When will this be fixed???

  • ficus
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    Since the update my microphone isn't working anymore for calling on third party apps (e.g. WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams) through 4g. Sending audio messages or calling via WiFi works fine.

  • Also video recording.Need to restart the handset everytime to solve the issue

  • EvEm
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    Check Programmers Setting under system settings. There are some settings for BT Profiles.

    Yup, there's problem with proximity sensor while calling, freezed in black screen while calling and sometimes phone is loosing quality of voice/picture while calling - also trough WiFi/cellular in communicators like Skype or Facebook.

    I hop they will fix it cause I love my 4.2 (although it could have smaller spaces around front camera or between corpus and screen).

  • EvEm
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    Yes it is indeed - it's made only for marketing purposes - as Nokia advertising itself as the fastest upgrades giving company.

    What they don't mention is that they giving to OTA badly and poorly updates.

    But at least they trying - I bought this January Meizu m6s. Producer just dumpet it with poor software, many bugs, no felp for global market - only for Chinese/Asian. So I could bought an Nokia 7.2 for price of that two phones.

    Try to reset system - I mean factory reset and clear all datas while doing it. Install all updates from Google Play - as Device Health Status.

  • I'm not sure if it's related to Android 10, since I upgraded to 10 right after I bought this phone, worked perfectly fine, however after some hours gsm network stops working, you can't make calls or receive calls. You have to restart the phone, or set Airplane mode on and off to get work again. This makes me think it's a software problem, but it's very annoying. I see others reported same problem here and other forums as well, anyone has some info on this? Right now I'm considering returning the phone and forgot Nokia mobiles.

  • EvEm
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    You must firstly perform hard reset of device.

    If you already did it, well it's time for Nokia to prepare fix in major huge update - so You must wait. If they will not do it quite hurry, they will loose almost all customers, who installed Android 10 and possibly those, who came here to read our posts before they buy anything from Nokia as well.

  • EvEm
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    In subject of bugs, after awhile I realised that stock camera app have big issue during crating photo.

    In Android 9 pics was sharp and beautiful.

    After upgrade, when you zoom every of pic copied to pc, you will only find pixelose/extreme unsharpened something...

    C'mon Nokia, @HMDLaura this can't be that way!

  • DB42
    DB42 ✭✭

    Been there done that with the developer settings. I think I've gone through all the combinations.

    Absolutely frustrating with trying to make/receive phone calls while driving, as I can't use hands-free anymore. I've had to ignore so many IMPORTANT calls now because I'm driving.

    Still waiting for a fix. Any ideas if or when or how it's going to come down?

  • JH20
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    I have similar issues when making calls since the upgrade to 10. The phone is to my ear when I will 'mute' the phone call, dial numbers or even start a new call. Even when I put the phone to standby, it still wants to enter the pin/password. I only recently bought the Nokia 4.2 and this didn't happen with Android 9. I'm hoping this is an update issue that can be resolved, as any of the above can happen when I make a call at the moment.

  • Microphone stops responding for video recording, whatsapp voice recording and even for google assistant after plugin and plugout the earphone.

    But i can make the normal calls

    Whether i need to take to service center or wait for an update??

    Please let me know, really frustrating these days

  • EvEm
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    We don't know either.

    Nokia don't inform properly about incoming major updates fixing existing problems.

    I guess somethings went very bad last times.

  • gipo
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    Fingerprint sensor doesn't work anymore.

    System is extremely slow (Android One is supposed to be fluid!).

    I've had a lot of Nokia phones, from Symbian to Windows Phone but I've never had such problems since Nokia, under it's resurrection under the reign of HMD Global decided to switch to Android.

    I've had a Nokia 5.1 Plus that didn't charge anymore after only 5 months of use!

    I've had a 9PV that I sold after a month of use due to the horrible Fingerprint sensor!

    I've had the 8 Sirocco that had problems after the update to Andoid 9 Pie. Had nothing to do with the perfect 8800 Sirocco that was a masterpiece (I actually had one, the gold edition).

    Now the 4.2 that doesn,'t work properly after updating to Android 10!

    No, Nokia, no!!!

    This is my last Nokia phone. As an European brand it's a shame! I need a phone that actually works, on which I can rely on.

    That's not the case with HMD Global Nokia!

    From a frustrated Nokia user!

  • rima fathi
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    I have updated my phone version 10.. after that i couldn't make a voice msg.. when i was tap tha voice msg button it is recording but when i play that msg I can't here that msgs again.i have voice record app it doesn't get my voice.. google assistant also could get my voice.. simply voice did not connect with phone..

    If i want to Make voice msgs then i should restart my phone then it work few minutes and again that issue will occur

    But i can get calls it is working perfectly.. and phone getting heat, battery get down fastly

  • santoscleto
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    I compared, again, a nokia 2.2 with a nokia 4.2, both on android 10 and with latest [security] updates. On the wifi settings, the nokia 2.2 allows to choose between the, now default, MAC randomization or use the real MAC address. This is suppoised to be a default setting on any android 10, but this does not exist on nokia 4.2 android 10 version, did we get an incomplete android 10?!

  • What's Nokia community doing give solutions we facing bug problem help us

  • I'm having the exact same issue, I sent my phone back for repair 1st time, they sent me a new one and I'm having the same issue with it.

  • Just installed a June 5 update (security and maintenance - stability and interface it seems), cannot see any visible change whatsoever...

  • Can you give me a screenshot of build number? In a settings - about phone.

  • jdi000
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    Have you received the maintenance build yet? Which country are you in? I am wondering if this build fixes your issue.

  • DB42
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    Yep, now on Build00WW_2_290_SP03. It did NOT fix the issue. Even spent a couple hours trying various resets, finally doing a factory reset. Enabling "Phone Calls" in the Bluetooth settings still results in the Bluetooth cycling off/on.

    I would like to roll back to Android 9 right now, just so I can have a functional Bluetooth.

    Actually I take that back, what I REALLY want to do is go back to a Nokia Windows Phone (8 and 10). I had several of those (upgrades and drops) and dang it, they were so much more reliable and easier to use. I never had an issue with those phones. They just worked. And IMHO the interface was light years ahead of Android and iPhone. Sadly no one else really appreciated them.

  • jdi000
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    Sorry but you have not received the maintenance release yet, you only received the security patch , o cr.its approved in your region you should get the new build,.you can check here for the builds. June 4 was a maintenance build 00WW_2_320 , but did not.get release in every region yet. I also got the 290_sp03 so hoping for maintenance build in next couple weeks

  • jdi000
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    Have you backed.up your data and performed a factory reset ?

  • jdi000
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    Is this issue with using a Bluetooth device for calls or any Bluetooth like speaker or headphones for music playback? I have the same model as you ta-1133 and builds so I will try some calls tomorrow with Bluetooth headsets I have 2 I can try plus my anker soundsync I can try in the car.

  • DB42
    DB42 ✭✭


    "Media audio" works. I can pair to speakers/headsets/car and play music just fine.

    "Phone calls" is the issue, especially with my car's head unit. With that setting turned on in the Bluetooth settings when paired, Bluetooth cycles connected/disconnected. Music will continue to play. Contacts will not transfer no matter what.

    Just to reiterate, everything worked fine with Android 9, still worked after the update to Android 10. When I did a factory reset on the phone, things no longer worked properly.

    Oh, shoot, did not notice that. You're correct I only got the Security patch. I will continue to check for updates. Hopefully it will download soon, and fix the issues.

    I forgot to include that I am in the USA.

  • jdi000
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    Have you tried disabling google assistant and its microphone use