Nokia 4.2, Android 10, Bugs.



  • Thanks tried this and after a few restarts it worked !! Thanks again.

  • black pixels appear on the screen when you open and close a folder

  • After receiving android 10 on 4.2, it's getting slower. Nokia rebuild and rollback MR updates but it's only for 3 button nevigation. Don't know why they not put double tap to screen on/off, accurate inbuilt call recording, VoWiFi features also not working in airtel & vodafone SIM cards. And NFC available for regional besics not available in indian varient. I hope they should fix this in next Q1 android 11 updates else the NFC.

  • Airtel India has added this device under Vo-WiFi compatible device and to enable and use this, see that Wi-Fi calling option is enabled under settings>network and internet>mobile data>under Airtel SIM tab>Wi-Fi calling

    Remember that you need to connect your device to Wi-Fi router/Mobile Hotspot and after that you can see Vo-Wifi icon on status bar

  • I downloaded the SP 04 November update a few days ago. The Bluetooth protocol to my 2009 car telephone system is still broken. Will this ever be fixed?

  • Have you tried backing up your data (find a backup app you trust), and doing a factory reset on the phone? Delete your phone in your car system, then re-pairing?

    Well mine connects to my car, and my daily other Bluetooth devices... Except... to my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (partially)

    I can connect it to use the Microsoft "Your Phone" app and use most of the features, except for making phone calls. It worked great for all the features prior to the update that broke it. But now... I'm waiting for Android 11. I hope that it fixes the issues.

  • Hi DB42,

    Have this thing for a few months now, Android 10 from the beginning. Up to now no chance to get connected to my BMW head unit. They pair, but don't connect properly, so nothing happens beside incoming calls are signaled by the car. Nokia tells me to ask BMW, BMW tells me my car is too old and the phone too new to have tested this combination. What a pleasure my Lumia 630 was, but IT took it away for security reasons. Did everything apart from factory reset, applied half a dozen Bluetooth apps, nothing. Latest joke with this device is that practically all calls were "busy", while the called phone was ringing until the receiver was lifted. Sometimes I was called back angrily why I have had hung up so quickly? This was sorted by deactivating "Mobile data". Ok, not attributable to the device. VoLTE problems of provider, but contributing to my enthusiasm.

  • Hi, I am facing a trouble hearing mine or other persons audio, I have purchased 4.2, around Aug 2020. I have often faced problems with mic and with earphones or headphones. Please help with a fix around this issue, struggling bad from last 3 months.

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    Have you tried to factory reset the device. If you have then visit a repair center if it's not a software issue then it's hardware and will need to get fixed.

  • DB42, I think I have tried just about everything except a factory reset. I am somewhat skeptical about factory resets as a panacea, or I am perhaps just not much of a factory reset man.

  • There is nothing to be skeptical about with factory resets, they are your best chance of not having any bugs. I highly recommend you try it.

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    Just by themselves, factory resets don't fix software bugs, obviously enough.

    For me, only managed to use my car's handsfree connection after the phone was upgraded to Android 11. It never worked with Android 10, no matter how many times I factory-reset the **** thing.

    Now, with Android 11, the stupid phone won't connect automatically to wifi networks.

    This is worst user-experience I have ever suffered with a technology gadget.

  • Strange that Bluetooth works in your car in Android 11? For me the Android 11 Bluetooth app crashes repeatedly, apparently when trying to pair with the car telephone system. It worked like a breeze in Android 9, never worked in Android 10 and is now completely dysfunctional in Android 11.

  • I finally scrapped my Nokia 4.2 telephone and purchased one of the last Motorola Moto E6 Plus phones available in Sweden. This phone reportedly will not be updated from Android 9 to the nightmarish Android 10-11 versions, and now everything works like a breeze again, including the BT connection to my car telephone system!