Bugs in android 10

I am using my mobile last one weeks after android 10 update.

I noticed some bugs in my phone

*Automatically phone turn off&on

*Sometimes app crashes automatically

*Battery drains very fastly

In 9 version,the screen on time nearly 8 to 10 hours but in 10 the screen on time is 6 to 7 hours

*App tray has some bugs and graphics crashes sometimes

*Gps location is not accurate

It shows my location in italy sometimes

These are only i noticed in this week but i think some more bugs are hidden in other conditions


  • yeah there are few bugs on it for now but you have to wait for MR update or wait for some help by other users if they find any temporary fix for this.

  • I have another problem right now in camera video recorder i have no sound recorded and exact same problem with voice recorder app and Instagram video story and WhatsApp video call and some apps like that i thought that problem cames from permission but permission on all of them was allowed. It's really big and funny bug.

  • Hola buenas tengo un Nokia 6.1 con android 10 y tengo muchos Bugs de software se me congela el móvil cada dos por tres el rendimiento ha bajado mucho ya le hecho un hard reset y nada sigo con problemas los audios de WhatsApp se escuchan como si el altavoz estuviera roto las aplicaciones se paran de golpe es desesperante muchas veces lo tengo que apagar presionado volumen arriba y forzar el abogado ya que no reacciona el terminal y todavía no han puesto solución y me he puesto en contacto con Nokia pero nada de nada no hay actualizaciones para resolver el problema

  • I have mic issue in nokia 3.2 its voice diminished automatically and then i need to restart the phone to get it back normal this is soooo annoying please tell any solution for this

  • I had to face same situation mic had been disconnected automatically when i'm recording some voice clip using Whatsapp or other voice recording and also Google assistant doesn't respond our voice command .

  • My mobile screen always on after android 10 update