[Update 28/04/20] Android 10 on Nokia 8 Sirocco



  • madbilly
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    Hi @Thomas Gebhardt,

    You an try the following, if you haven't already:

    1. Remove SIM card and restart the phone then check for updates
    2. Try a SIM from another operator
    3. Try an invalid SIM (sounds strange but this worked for me)

    If none of those work then I suggest contacting support for other suggestions.

    Cheers 🙂

  • ElZoido
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    Just starting without a SIM didn't help for me. Unfortunately I don't have another one easily available, at least not one by a different operator.

    I could also try the VPN idea, of course, but it should work in Germany officially...

    Guess I'll just wait for now...😴

  • Thanks, option 2 worked for me in Germany. I used an Austrian data SIM. Had one left from my last holiday.

  • Nokia et Android One est une vaste blague.

    Mon téléphone professionnel, a savoir un pauvre Samsung A40 a déjà reçu sa mise à jour Android 10.

    Mon Nokia haut de gamme, toujours rien.

    Mon prochain ne sera sûrement pas un Nokia, mais plutôt un pixel Google

  • Pyves
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    @HMDLaura any news on the rollout? The first wave started ten days ago and doesn't seem to have completed per the timeline you shared, and nothing regarding subsequent waves.

  • looks like android 10 has many bugs.. hope they fix it fast..

  • ElZoido
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    Though Gcam on nokias is an unofficial port, made neither by Google, nor by Nokia. So you can't expect anything there.

    I agree that it's unfortunate, but ultimately it depends on the hobbyist who's doing the ports.

    An improved version of Nokia's own camera app, now that's something else...

  • Yes that's right, but with Android 9 works GCam. And Cam Apps from the Play Store who can make RAW Pictures under Android 9 now can't make RAW under Android 10. Others Phones who geht A10, can use GCam. But it's ok, i think i'll Look for another Smartphone. It's not only that i can't use GCam, also the teribble WLan, battery drains faster,... I have no confidence in Nokia,that they will do anything for the 8 Sirocco.

  • I don't know what they did with Android 10 that some camera apps don't work anymore.

    Unfortunately some issues are to be expected with major updates, judging from reports from other models and previous updates. That sucks, of course. Hopefully they fix the issues with coming updates.

    In the meantime, everyone who's affected, please report those issues to support, e.g. By using the option in the MyPhone app.

    I think that gives the best chance to raise awareness and get them fixed.

  • Would be nice,but i think Nokia won't do anything more. The last months they brought only Security Updates, nothing new for the Sirocco. The Main Thing for Nokia is to put any x.3 Phones on the Market. But Nokia needs to know If that's the right way.

  • Sveen
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    So when will you finish wave one?

    I am still waiting.

  • Seems like a new wave is being pushed out.

    Just got the notification in Germany.

  • Yes, me too. Didn't even have to search manually this time.

    Will post some impressions once I have used it a bit.

  • Its available in South Africa

  • ArkBrea
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    finally update in philippines but im gonna pause it bcoz of bugs..

    edit: hope it will not automatically update when in standby mode.

  • Android 10 arrived at Hungary today. It seems, that wave2 started without an announcement.

    I stopped the downloading, because of the mentioned bugs before. If here are brave mates, please, somebody write a report, how it works.

  • G V
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    It is advised NOT to upgrade to android 10.

    To many issues (WiFi...) On the Sirocco.

    There is no way to go back to Android 9 !!!!!!!

  • HMDLaura
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    Hi everyone,

    Wave 2 rollout for Nokia 8 Sirocco Android 10 update has started! All Markets that have approved the Android 10 release that weren’t in Wave 1 will now start to receive the update - 10% by today, 50% by May 1st and 100% by May 3rd.

    Please note that we can only release the update to markets that have approved the build.

    Wave 2 markets pending approvals:

    • UK

    As soon as approvals are received, we’ll release to you and update the above pending approvals list.

    Also check our Q&A on approved Markets and Waves -here-.

    Stay tuned and best regards,


  • madbilly
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    Like I said, UK is always last, due to the operators each having to approve before the rollout can begin.

    Cheers 🙂

  • rich
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    Yer, but what I don't get is that I got my phone SIM free and my main operator never supplied the sirocco and my second SIM is a different network who also didn't supply the phone, so why am I waiting for networks to approve something they never supplied?

  • Just updated in Japan

  • Pixie
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    Landed today in France :o)

  • Italy, present!

  • Iustin
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    Good news! I received the android 10 update, the face unlock is no more and the shape of the screen icons changes as well.

  • Jote
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    Just updated and I already see a bug - on the Always-On Display (aka "Glance view") the battery level indicator is much brighter than the rest. Ironically, the battery level indicator consumes the most energy... I hope this won't be a nuissance at night... Where can I file a bug report or something like that? Is that even possible these days? @HMDLaura can you advise? Thanks

  • ElZoido
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    After one day of use, here are my first impressions:

    Overall, the new version for me is stable and feels snappy. Battery drain is comparable to the previous versions.

    I like the gesture control, although it sadly doesn't work with my custom launcher (Evie), which I prefer to the standard Google launcher. Seems to be down to Google, however.

    Dark mode is nice, as are improved privacy controls.

    Wireless connection indeed shows a lower signal strength, but the actual maximum distance does not seem to have diminished much for me, if at all. I also didnt notice any disconnections so far. However, this might depend on the network and its parameters.

    Bluetooth has worked fine so far, no problem coupling to my speaker.

    Minor quirks:

    For me the lock symbol on the at a glance screen is brighter than the rest. The battery symbol is the same brightness as the rest, however.

    I had to delete cache and data of Google lens, since it refused to connect and didn't work. Seems fine now.

  • Finally Android 10 (South Africa)

  • Viva México, finally! Android 10

  • Winston Smith
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    Germany: Received Android 10 yesterday morning. Screen freezed 2 times and didn't react since then. No response when I tap the screen. Buttons of the 8 Sirocco where still responding, so restarts "solved" this. Unlock with Fingerprint Reader ist very lazy. On Pie it was better than the on my companys Samsung. Anyone experienced the same?