[Update 28/04/20] Android 10 on Nokia 8 Sirocco



  • Sorry,but you are wrong.

    Google Camera app is ported for many phones, on which it is working properly. (Check XDA forum,if you dont belive me).

    BUT, hmd downgraded (or who knows,what the **** happened) the camera2api support from "LVL.3" to "Full", and that means, that some stuff are not working (HDR mostly), and in the case of Nokia8sirocco, the app crashes by starting.

    So, if HMD could re-calibrate the C2A support, the problem would be solved. The 3rd party developers can do nothing in this situation.

  • madbilly
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    Hi @Turbók Imre,

    I think you misunderstood me, maybe I didn't write it well.

    GCam app is made by Google specifically for Google's phones - you can't get it officially on any other make of phone (except the new Camera Go app which is on the Nokia 1.3).

    All those versions of GCam on XDA: I know that some of them work but they're not officially supported by Google, but they're all modified slightly to get them to work on different models by the people that modified them. Nokia didn't make GCam, they don't support it on their phones and they certainly don't support modified APKs found on XDA.

    Camera2 API support is another issue. I've got no idea why HMD would downgrade it but maybe the requirements for it on Android 10 are different from earlier versions and the Sirocco now only meets the requirements for Full and not level 3?

    Anyway, to get what you want the best chance (although you still may not be successful) is to bother HMD by contacting support directly and publicly raising this issue with them on social media and asking why camera2 API support has been reduced not why Gcam doesn't work. They don't care about GCam but if you can find some other popular apps which should work on the Sirocco and don't then they might update the camera2 API.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Here is the answer of the nokia support chat:

    "It happens, but the developers or those third-party apps have to adapt them to the new Android"

    It seems, that the operators don't understood the real problem.

  • Hi, I have an issue on my NS8. The phone does not start. It keeps rebooting to the Android one screen and then it turns off before it moves to the Nokia Logo.

    Does any one have a solution to this?

  • Axtten
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    edited September 2020

    I have been using the latest version for some time. There has been a few issues with the dialler just failing and now suddenly my camera app has simply stopped working completely. I have no access to the camera even after cleaning cache etc. Has anyone else seen this problem? I have managed to fix it by going into safe mode but this is getting annoying, I've had to go into safe mode to fix the software a few times lately for different things. I'd rather just have windows phone back i hate Android.

  • Android 10 works fine for me now.

    I have got only one issue:

    In Always on display mode it shows false, not updated notifications (mainly facebook, downloaded file) under the clock.

    How can I fix it?

  • Can't fix, this is a Google bug ...

  • i forgot the password of my Nokia 8 sirroco so i want unlock it without losing my data is there any one help to do that.