nokia cheated me

i bought nokia 5 on 28 of june 2018 from a retail shop .

nokia cheated me

i bought nokia 5 on 28 of june 2018 from a retail shop . from very next day mobile back button started working automatically.after few days it started having many problem like otg not working,charging problem,heating problem , so i had to take that phone to customer care .

they said me that phone was a defected one and also said that if had brought it 3 days ago they would have replaced my phone. so they said that they can only repair my took them 10 days to replace mobile s motherboard and gave me back saying it wont have any further problem.

next day i came to college and on that very day mobiles screen gone bad .the screen appeared blur. So i had to again take phone to care. It has been 20 days from then that my phone is in service center.

it is very disappointing that within one month of its purchase mobile had to go twice to service center. I not even able to use my phone.

still care is saying it will take more days.

whoever is reding this ,it is my pledge that dont  buy nokia 5. It is very bad phone and nokia service is even more worse.


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    YOU HAVE the RIGHT to DEMAND a REFUND, during the warranty period. At least in EUROPEAN UNION!

    It's the LAW! The seller will tell you that it must go to repair, but it's YOUR CHOICE! Ok?

    Read the LAW! I had to fight my shop / tech support here in Portugal (they are the worst!) but i got my money back (from my first defective NOKIA 5). I'm on my second (that i bought to prove the first one was defective!) and still having a sluggish phone, that i will return in time...

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