[Moved] Nokia phones are too expensive

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    Nokia mobile phone price are very high cost some people doesn't buyuing that so try to low nokia mobile price .

    Many mobile phone company are Lunch . there many mobile are very good features with low budget but nokia is not try that but why .

    Nokia as a history nokia not a present.

    I'm a nokia family member 🙏❤️.

    Many times I promote nokia mobile but people doesn't reffer that some money problem are face people's.

  • What u said is right nokia prices the device higher during the launch but after 1 or 2 month it gets reduced to a nominal price and mainly nokia devices are sold mostly in online markets in most of the countries and in online markets the price is again reduced with multiple offers given by the online gaints ex.nokia 9 pureview priced nearly 50000 but within 15 days it sold in a offer price at 43,000 to 45,500 applied with bank offers .

    But the only thing nokia lags behind is the processor usage that's the only annoying thing in Nokia's some of the devices except few : )