GCam 100% working trick on All Android 10 devices

Hi Nokians, Android 10 Gcam Problem on Nokia devices Solutions is here.

GCam 100% working trick on All Android 10 devices

Zilretra Zilretra
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Hi Nokians,

Android 10 Gcam Problem on Nokia devices Solutions is here. I can't say it's permanent solution but after that camera is responding well and for more time.

Check and respond so that I could see whether its working or not.

After applying fix don't rush on Camera to check it's durability, just take normal shots and after completion the HDR+ take the other one.

I will recommend you to install TR Mod or onFire Mod. And install a single Mod at one time

1.Take a single shot with your Gcam and close the camera

2.Tap and hold on camera Icon

3.A Little "i" (App information) will appear on the top , click on that "i" icon

4.App info setting for the selected camera will open, Now you will see an option "Notifications" click on "Notifications"

5.Now you will show an option "Background Processing" it will be switched on by default. Just Disable this button/switch

6.Now Restart Your Device

Other mandatory settings for Google camera of different popular mods are given below, Find the camera name and apply settings mentioned for your camera

Tiger mod (TR mod) Mandatory settings

1."MOTION photo" should be Disabled

2."Disable Hexagon DSP" should be Enabled

3."Auxiliary camera buttons" should be Disabled

Restart device

onFire Mod Mandatory settings

1."Sabre" should be Disabled

2."Lag Fix" should be Enabled

3."Super Res Zoom" should be Disabled

4."Force Merge Method" select as Never

Restart Your Device

Killer Mod mandatory settings

1."Fix tap on focus" should be Enabled

2."Buffer Fix" should be Enabled

3."Using Sabre" should be Never

4."Max allowed memory" its upto you allow as maximum as you can. In my case 1680

Restart Your Device

PX mod Mandatory settings

1."MOTION" should be Disabled

2."Non ZSL frame count" select as minimum as you can , in my case its 1

3."Super Res Zoom Always on" should be Disabled

4."Force Sabre Merge Method" should be Disabled/Off

5."AI AWB for ZSL" should be Disabled

Restart Your Device


  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    For tr use XML file and set model to pixel 2 xl (disable dsp & auxiliary camera )

    Px just don't use saber & super res zoom

  • Pitada Pitada
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    The problem remains in slow motion... We need a high profile stream video.

    So it's not a 100% working gcam

  • Naven Naven
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    Is this trick fully compatible? I mean that green pic/ Pic not saving problem solved. Rite now i have to restart phone every week.

  • Hi, will it work for all gcam mods? I am using Camera PX and it works fine. But sometimes it won't capture then I have to restart mobile.

  • Naven Naven
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    Same problem with all gcam. I am using Arnova8G2 Version.

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    There is no fix , after sometime u need to restart your device

  • gi ier gi ier
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    Very true. Gcam is made for pixels, that's it.

    It would have been great if Nokia could improve its native app.Gcam software is very good, combined with pixel hardware is excellent.

    But other phones have excellent hardware too, so they should work on software and there would be no need to install a Gcam mod.

    N7+ needs a better photo app, that's for sure, and Gcam mods can be useful if you want to take a picture from time to time, and you want that picture to be a really good one. But if you want to take lots of pictures to send thur WA or whatever, I can't understand why using Gcam mods.

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
    ✭✭✭✭  /  edited April 27

    No , nokia messed up with kernals in 10. Nokia stock camera is only good for pro mode & video.

  • Kurt David Kurt David
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    No mr update on the nokia 7 plus

  • gi ier gi ier
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    I'm using Gcam 7.3.020 v2 from Parrot and randomply, after taking a few shots, it stops working.

    Yesterday, I changed something in the options (long press on Gcam icom and then (i) ). It's in advanced options, I allowed system modifications to this app.

    I really don't know what this means (it was disabled), but I don't care too much because as soon as a MR will be avaiable, I'm going to reset the phone.

    In any case, Gcam hasn't stopped working since I did this change in advanced options... maybe it's going to crash next time I take a picture I don't know.

    I just took a few pics with hdr enhanced activated too, it took a little more to elaborate the file but did not crashed.

    Just wanted to share, have a nice day you all.

  • gi ier gi ier
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    Just wanted to update.

    Gcam is still working after a whole day taking pictures. I tested camera, portrait mode, nightsight and front camera too for a few selfies. Never crashed.

    It can be a lucky day, I don't know. If someone else wants to test the mod with the advanced option ' allow system modification', please let me know.

    Another note: while using Gcam mod, I also switched to system camera and took a couple of pics, with camera mode and 2x zoom.

    Then I went back to gcam mod and took a few pics, once again no crash at all. Still working.

    This is important, because earlier I noticed that everytime I opened the system camera, Gcam mod crashed or couldn't save pictures.

    That's all, I'll go on testing tomorrow and if it crashes, I'll write it here.

  • Franz-27 Franz-27
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    I tried your trick and it's working for me too. I took several pics in every mode with front and back camera and I had no no crash, no need ti reboot. I don't know if the problem is fixed but now Gcam Is way more stable.I am using Px 4.3

  • Kapor Kapor
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    This unfortunately doesn't work on the sirocco because they disabled raw capture in Android 10.

  • gi ier gi ier
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    I don't understand the link between RAW and crashes.

    I disabled jpeg+raw in Gcam options, but makes no difference. Anyway, I'm not much into technical issues, so I may be completely wrong.

    Anyway, today I downloaded Tigr Mod v5, and installed it while parrot mod is still installed. As TigrCamera works as a different cam it doesn't require to unistall Parrot mode.

    All 3 cameras work together, I took pics from system camera, parrot and tigr to compare shots (I like tigr most of all, even if Parrot is very good too).

    No crashes at the moment.

    Obviously, right after installing the mod, I changed the options and enabled the 'allow system modification' in advanced option of the App, and rebooted the phone.

    Let's see how long it will work without crashes.

  • Kapor Kapor
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    As i understand gcam doesn't work without raw, it needs it enabled for hdr+

    Anyway could you check wit Camera2 Probe app wat it says on your phone under Capture, is the Raw Capture green or red?

  • gi ier gi ier
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    I understand what you meant, now.

    I installed camera 2 api probe, and checked under capture, RAW is green and burst is green too.

    I wonder why they disabled RAW capture in Sirocco. No-sense.

  • Kapor Kapor
    ✭✭  /  edited May 7

    Maybe because sirocco is their first flagship phone, one of two, and they don't care about their priciest phones 😂

    I'm gonna buy another flagship from Nokia soon (sarcasms) 😂

  • gi ier gi ier
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    May I ask, can you install Camera Go?

  • Kapor Kapor
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    No I didn't even try because it doesn't have HDR and night mode.

  • AniketThakur AniketThakur
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    Nope , raw image is just what sensor captures , gcam just gives you the choice to save it or not. Nokia camera app processes the raw image and doesn't allow you to save it

  • Kapor Kapor
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    I know what I said. Gcam requires raw support for it to work. If you don't believe me try asking Google.

  • gi ier gi ier
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    New mod from Parrot is out:

    parrot043: MGC_7.3.020_Parrot043_V1.1

    Just installed, it crashes even before starting taking pictures.

    I'll stay on Tigr and previous Parrot mod, still testing the 'trick'.

    I had a crash only, this morning, but even the system nokia camera crashed, so I guess that something happened and was not realted to gcam.

    So, at the moment, Tigr mod is working very well, no crashes, no restarts. Simply 'enable system modification' ON.

  • ketan mehta ketan mehta

    My nokia 3.1 plus is now running on android 10 please suggest me a best gcam for my device😃

  • gi ier gi ier
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    You can find the link on celsoacevedo:

    trCamera_V5.apk (tigr, 2020-05-01, changelog)

    At the moment, this is the version with less crashes, IF all the recommended settings are in use.

    Yes, and you're lucky. I haven't been able to open it after installing.

    Today, I downloaded another mod, from Tolyan:

     Tolyan009: Gcam_7.3.020_v1.1a_TlnNeun.apk

    As I had a mod from him, way back when my N7+ ran on Android 9, and it was my favorite.

    I'm using this mod with the one from Tigr and they both can be used without any crashes. Settings are almost the same as the Tigr version, and 'modify system settings' allowed.

    Tolyan mod is good, if you use his lib (Tn) pics looks darker, but excellent quality and darkness is on screen only, because printed pics are really good with real colors.

  • amolsapre1 amolsapre1
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    I have been using the camera mentioned for Nokia 7 Plus (Android 10) in this link for the last 2 days with the recommended settings. There has been no crash and all my photos in all modes (except slow motion video) is working perfectly now without a single restart.


  • agu agu
    ✭✭  / 

    3 days and still working😀😀

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