is the five camera a fake?

People have been testing over here:

is the five camera a fake?


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    I have a Nokia 9 PureView. It works differently. I'll try to explain.

    While clicking a normal image in Photo mode. The main image comes from the RGB sensor in the middle of the setup. That's the reason the output comes black when that sensor is covered. Now, the question is, if all camera click photos at once then why does the camera produce a Black photo and doesn't show the image captured using other 4 sensors? The answer to this is: As all 5 cameras are at different places all capture a slightly different image at the edges. Some capture more that's on the top some capture more that's on the right (depends on the sensor placement). But the main image comes from the sensor at the middle. Once the image is clicked the phone then starts processing which includes stacking and fusion of all the frames captured from different cameras. As the view finder is covered it clicks a black image and at the time of processing the phone considers the images from the main rgb sensor that's in the middle as the main image and then starts matching the frames from other sensors. I assume, as, none of the frames match with the frame from the main sensor the phone just outputs a black image.

    Same applies to the Monochrome mode but here the Main sensor is the one at the bottom of the flash but for some weird reason HMD dicided to use the RGB sensor in the middle of the setup for the view finder even in the monochrome mode.

    The other sensors are also used for Dynamic range and adding depth (maybe only when depth mode is active). The images are captured maybe with different exposures with each sensor which helps in improving the dynamic range.

    You can stay assured that all the 5 cameras work simultaneously when a photo is clicked. (Unless there's some hardware defect or damage.) 😊

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